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03-30-2012, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by prom3theus View Post
Thanks for posting this! I keep saying I'll get Hilbert's log parser that he linked but well, I just keep saying... This is probably one of the most useful posts. Dont remember where I read this, but apparently EPS consoles now are meant more for recover after a BO fire, they don't really work while switching between power presets (like from attack to aux). I understand that this game changes, but what I hate about it is that the changes are not well documented and also most changes break additional other functions (like this update broke the HE). Thanks again for sharing!
ya the only advisable use for an esp console is on an escort that uses 1 duel beam bank and BO3. useless otherwise. they really should just have it buff the eps skill on the skill tree instead of just the energy transfer rate, console feels like a relic of earlier seasons.

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