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03-30-2012, 07:24 PM
Hey everybody,

It's been about a month since Forget Me Not debuted. Since then quite a few player reviews have come in. Here is a sample of what people are saying:
"WOW! What a fantastic mission! The dialogue and story line could've been lifted straight off the tv/movie screen - very trek and really pulled me in" - 5 Stars
"almost made me cry lol but love it anyways " - 5 Stars
"Excellent mission! I love the story and choices that were offered!" - 4 Stars
"One of the best I've played, great story and gameplay. The stealth was fun, and so was the final battle." - 5 Stars
"Very good mission, good story, custom maps, lots of optional dialogs and interactions." - 4 Stars
"Excellently done, and gives us the opportunity for replay with a new story." - 5 Stars
"Should specify a minimum level for noobs like me. Got owned..." - 1 Star

As far as that last review goes, it should be noted that I have given the player the option to lower the difficulty of some of the combat encounters if they desire.
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StarSword-C's Detailed Review of "Forget Me Not" by @Sovereign77x, Stardate 91495.51 (11/21/2013).

I tested this using the USS Bajor NCC-97238, a Galaxy-class exploration cruiser with a semi-canonical budget loadout.

I'll be doing remarks map by map as I go through them. "Convo" will be shorthand for "conversation". With typos, the changes I make will be in red.

Mission acceptance dialog is ... really different than I'm used to. I'm not used to it having it be done out-of-character. Mind you, it's not necessarily bad different, just different.

Map "Sienae System":

Map entry dialog:
-- Side comment: That's a very well written opening. Really feels like a Picard narration.
-- Science Officer: "Captain, I've isolated the source of the energy signature; it's coming from..." -> "Captain, I've isolated the source of the energy signature. It's coming from..." Mind you, semicolon versus period-and-new-sentence is a gray area in English grammar, so consider this one optional.

I question whether this map is strictly necessary, as it has only one objective. However, there's enough story justification for me to let it slide.

Map "Isolane Nebula 1":

Map entry dialog:
-- Backstory discussion about you taking command of your ship after Vega may need to be adjusted slightly to take the new Fed tutorial into account.

Bug: There's a popup dialog involving a cloaked ship that seems to have fired at the wrong time.

Good job using blinkers to mark the targets. However, consider changing out the satellite blinkers for plain blinkers.

Nice callback to the Devidian story arc.

Convo with Ferengi freighter captain:
-- "I carry goods to the Romulan Empire on behalf of the Feregni Alliance." -> "I carry goods to the Romulan Empire on behalf of the Ferengi Alliance."
-- Side comment: Nice bit of Quote-to-Quote Combat with the Rules of Acquisition.

Convo with Reman Warbird:
-- Narrator: "As you consider your options, you mind..." -> "As you consider your options, your mind..."

Map "Vendetta Interior":

I chose the stealth track on normal.

Good puzzle on that console. I actually had to think about that one.

Overall, an extremely well-choreographed map. Well done!

Map "Isolane Nebula 2":

I chose to fight, 'cause those @$$holes had it coming. Pretty well-done fight, too. Felt a little easy, but that's probably because despite the USS Bajor being built on a budget, it's extremely durable (probably helps that I didn't bother to switch out the aux2batt doffs from my Fleet Avenger build). I got brought down to 70% once but that's as close as I ever came to dying. Still, you might consider switching out one or two of the frigate groups for cruisers.

Map "Epilogue":

Good dialogue but I question the necessity of the map. I would have stayed on the previous map, turned everything invisible, and used an "interact with object" objective with the "warp out" animation to turn everything invisible, followed by a warp field animation.

Overall Score: 4.5/5. As far as I'm concerned, you can give it a few tweaks and submit it for spotlighting!

Pros: Extremely good writing and well-choreographed maps, and excellent work creating mission choice.

Cons: Needs a few minor touch-ups in places, and as noted the last map could probably be safely removed.
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11-22-2013, 05:17 PM dug up my old forum thread! Thanks for the review. Great suggestions and nice job catching those few spelling/grammar problems. (It seems no matter how many times I go over it, there are always a few lurking in there somewhere!) Your time and effort are much appreciated.

===post above is by sovereign77x===

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