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# 1 Battle of Proxima
02-21-2012, 01:54 AM
From the Description:
Set in March 2383 to December of 2385, the Federation is experienceing a Civil War between the Federalists based out of Ocampus Prime in the Delta Quadrent, and the Unionists who follow Admiral Alynna Nechayev who currently control the Sol System.

This mission is one of the opening fights of that terrible conflict. It assumes they player has sided with the Federalists, but doesn't really have much effect on the mission beyond who wins the battle.

Please note that this is still in progress.


This is the first of several missions I am creating for a Federation Civil War campaign. The order of their publishing is not the chronological order of the missions.

While I still view this mission as a work in progress(the engineer in me who is never completely satified), I feel it is at a point where I am comfortable with the STO community at large playing and enjoying the mission. Below are the list of issues I hope can eventually be worked out.

Using Terran Empire ships to stand in for Federation ships since Feds can't kill Feds (yet).

The ships attacking the Saber Wing do not actually attack those damaged ships.

The Prototype Dreadnaught has the stats of a Typhoon Battleship but the skin of the Terran Jupiter Dreadnaught. I would like to eventually change this such that the ship really is a Jupiter Dreadnaught.

The runabout are often destoryed when the dreadnaught explodes. I would like to see these NPC ships made immortal so they do not get destroyed at the end of the mission.

The support fleet that appears right before the Dreadnaught does just sits there. I would like to see these ships move around and fight the dreadnaught in a cilmactic fleet battle with the Jupiter Dreadnaught, with stats and skill sets typical of those particulat ships.

Please share your inputs on this mission, and give some suggestions to potential improvements.
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# 2
03-18-2012, 04:55 PM
I did get one feedback that the mission could use a ground map (although this is suppose to be more like a Fleet Action of STF), and as such, I could have a pre-battle confrence/Council of War on one of the ships. Are there any other suggestions?

Thinking more, I could move the runabouts up to assist with the patrol ships, and put a group or two of frigates to assist agains the Dreadnaught. Maybe that might help with NPC survivability for the time being.

P.S. Thanks for the Dilithium Tip!
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# 3
03-19-2012, 06:44 AM
Liked the mission itself but two things I noted, one thing that I learned while doing my mission you really need to tell the player where to go in the mission objective when you accept it, (and you forgot to say which Sector Block the system is in)
and it really needs backstory if I didn't read this board,I wouldn't know what was going on at all (why was I attacking this shipyard etc) but otherwise good mission,keep it up
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# 4
03-31-2012, 10:34 PM
I have republished this mission. Changes are as follows:

A ground map has been added. This map is a breifing that gives the background for the mission.

The Runabout group has been moved to assist with the patrol ships. Two allied frigate groups assist with fighting the psudo-dreadnaught.

An extra battleship group has been added to the cluster of regrouping ships.

The number of ships attacking the Saber Wing has been greatly increased. This will be the hardest fight in the mission. I fear I may have made it to hard to complete this objective. If this fight is too easy even on elite. Then this game is not really for you anymore. I mean to make this a moderatly difficult mission to complete on normal WITHOUT using consumables.

I am afraid that I cannot expand the objective circles for kill objectives, otherwise I would have addressed this before the first time I published the mission.

Please tell me if the changes make the mission better or too hard to complete.
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# 5
04-01-2012, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I am afraid that I cannot expand the objective circles for kill objectives, otherwise I would have addressed this before the first time I published the mission.
You can try putting a nav beacon fx w/map icon at the place where the fights are. That will create a waypoint on the map. Have it appear when that objective is in progress and disappear when the group has been defeated.
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# 6
04-06-2012, 05:52 PM
Some suggestions for music to play during the mission if you have access to it. First one listed is the one I think matches the best. The others in are not listed in any particular order.

I recommend the following sources:
The Legend of Dragoon Original Soundtrack (LOD)
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrak (CC)
Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack (FF8)
Final Fantasy Tactics: Zodiac Brave Story Soundtrack (FZB)
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack (FFX)
Xenosaga Episode 2 Movie Soundtrack (XE2)

On entering the Teneebia System: (LOD) Track 4-Serdian War World Map
(LOD) Track 19: Platinum Shadow World Map
(CC) Disc 1, Track 8: On the Beach of Dreams-Another World
(CC) Disc 1, Track 21: Voyage-Another World
(CC) Disc 1, Track 5: Voyage-Home World
(FFX) Disc 2, Track 4: Calm Before the Storm
(XE2) Disc 1, Track 23: Gate Out
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 3: Blue Fields
(FF8) Disc 3, Track 14: Salt Flats
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 16: Meeting with Algus
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 25: Desert Land

On beaming over to the Ikeya-Seki for the breifing: (FF8) Disc 1, Track 7-SeeD
(LOD) Track 12: Uneasy State
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 11: Cadets
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 31: Anxiety before the Battle
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 19: Moment of Truth
(FFX) Disc 1, Track 19: Decisision on the Dock
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 12: Launch
(CC) Disc 2, Track 4: Dragon Knight

On entering the Proxima Shipyards: (LOD) Track 17- Boss Battle 1 (Drake the Bandit, and others)
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 9: Trisection
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 12: Unavoidable Battle
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 28: Decisive Battle
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 38: Run Past Through the Plain
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 42: Back Fire
(TZB) Disc 2, Track 3: Antipyretic
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 19: The Man with the Machine Gun
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 10: Force Your Way
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 8 The Landing
(CC) Disc 1, Track 2: Between Life and Death
(XE2) Disc 2, Track 6: A field of battle~bitter 2
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 8: Pursuit/The Advancers
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 14: Raid/ Assault

When the Dreadnaught is detected: (FF8) Disc 2, Track 5-Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
(LOD) Track 13: Enemy Attack
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 31: Tension 1
(FFX) Disc 1, Track 16: Enemy Attack
(CC) Disc 3, Track 11: Dragon God

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