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# 1 Tactical escort refit help
04-01-2012, 12:50 PM
Hello, I'm VA tactical and I've got the tactical escort refit

It has four forward heavy anti-proton cannons, borg deflector, borg shield, borg engines, aft set up is two anti-proton beam arrays and a chron torpedo

Sorry if this is a newb post, I'm quite happy with the fire power but I'm really struggling to keep my shields up they seem to drain so fast, I don't expect much from my escort shield wise I know it can be very HIT AND RUN but it must be able to perform better than this I would really like to know if anyone has any suggestions from more experienced players?

Note I do have the standard abilities for healing them, but it's how quick I need to rely on them abilities what shock me I was hoping the escort would take a bigger beating

tactical team II, transfer shield strength I, emergency power to shields I, reverse shield polarity I

consoles are

eng: 3 x flow reg (rare), sci 2 x biofunction monitor (rare), tac cloaking device, antimatter spread, borg console, anti-proton regulator

I really value anyone who takes the time to make any suggestions on how I can improve my shields, would also REALLY value recommended abilities, consoles, and any other suggestions

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