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# 1 Resistance is Futile
04-01-2012, 07:13 PM
Simply put... It is time to let US have the power of the Borg. With the new enemy of the Iconians on the way I believe it would most interesting if we got to join forces with the Borg Collective in an attempt to stop the conquest and annihilation of the Galaxy by the Demons of Air and Darkness.

To this end I propose the creation of Borg Probes (Tier 3), Borg Spheres (Tier 4), and Borg Cubes (Tier 5) as playable ships. The Spheres and Cubes would have the advantage that their weapon slots were universal with no fore or aft just 8 slots that fired in any direction except straight up or straight down. They should be given a power grid bonus of +15 to all subsystems and come with triple the standard crew based regeneration.

However, these ships would come at a cost. You would need to have all Liberated Borg Bridge Officers to properly command on of these ships. Only their abilities would apply. To that end we should release a whole set of new Liberated officers on the C-Store and drop any cap for them. These officers could learn special abilities like "Borg Tractor Beam" "Borg Drilling Laser" "Borg Shield Depleter" etc... On the ground they would also learn to use specialized Borg skills like "Borg Medical Nanites" "Borg Energy Adapation" "Borg Assimilation" etc.

There should also be a Borg ship on sale in the C-Store which will be the Borg Tactical Cube. Obviously this will be notably more powerful than any other ship and should command a price of at LEAST 5,000 Points. However, Cryptic will show its love for its Life Time subscribers and give them the ability to claim a FREE Tactical Cube on every Liberated Borg Captain they currently have. However, ONLY their Liberated Captains can claim this Cube and they will also be given the "Collective" trait which will allow them to reduce the cooldown time of all Liberated Officer Skills and Liberated Captain Abilities so long as all Stationed BOFFs are Liberated Borg. This also works on the Ground if the only allies are Liberated Borg.

The war with the Klingons is Irrelevant. The Galaxy will never be the same. The battle for existence has begun. The might of the Collective will join forces with its greatest adversaries to face the most terrifying threat the Galaxy has ever known!

PS: In case it is not blatantly obvious... APRIL FOOLS!

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