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Everyone has been really upset over the recent modification of the Field Generator consoles, myself included. Out of the three federation characters I have, two have c-store ships and the third I just started so I haven't decided if I'm going to purchase one or not for it. On the two characters with c-store ships 1 of the ships is the Vulcan D'kyr. While the D'kyr doesn't have the largest amount of console slots and weapons I really like it and you could easily make up for it with the 35% FG console.

I don't do the PVP atleast not yet, but I might eventually, but what I do do are the PVE and STFS along with going through and playing on multiple dificulty setting starting on normal and then advancing through the rest. I even switch back and forth between my c-store ships and the lower ships, just to mix things up and keep from getting bored with the grinding nature of the game once you hit level 50.

What I suggest is that the Aegis Set, which really isn't very good compared to the other possible space sets be reworked so that if you use the full Aegis set and a field generator, the stats would increase the field generator back to the 35%. Not only would we get the very impressive looking visuals from the Aegis set, but maybe more people would go back to using it, and those of us that still use lower tier or lower console slot ships could still get the balancing effect of the 35%.
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04-01-2012, 09:44 PM
So you want the Aegis Shield to get a bonus 17% capacity if you use it with only 1 Field Generator? Or just as long as you have a Field Generator?

The game doesn't support that. I suppose you could just ask for the Aegis Shield to get 17% more capacity but than anyone could benefit from it. And it may throw the shield out of Balance.

Lots of people think the Aegis should become a 4 piece set to boost it. But than you end up with another console like the Assimilated Console which is practically a must have for every ship.

> L40 Jem'Hadar (even without Polaron weapons)
L40+ Aegis
L45+ Borg (Shield optional)
L50, M.A.C.O., Omega & Klingon Honour Guard.

I left out the Breen but I don't know it's minimum.

I think at L40 the Aegis is fantastic, buy it for an alt by all means. but after awhile your better off moving on.
I know most people love 3p Borg with a Aegis, MACO or KHG shield.

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