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let me explain before you all shoot me in the face :O

One of the things i loved about swg's "mining" was the fact that when i went out to my mining... things? (10k for anyone who can remember what they were called) every now and then there would be some stupidly large beast sitting right next to it which in more than once ocasion resulted in my death.

Could something that gives mining a challenge be added to STO ?


Maybe the asteroids made of ice and if your not careful you'll end up sliding on your rear off into space ?


The Mine is infested with Horta's.. and if were not careful we get... melted :O

or prehaps maybe...

We're out happily mining one day and Boom we get some of those giant worm things (graboids ) popping out of the ground trying to eat us ? :O
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04-02-2012, 12:26 PM
Moisture Vaporator
Fluidic Drilling Pump Unit
Ore Mining Unit
Power core Unit
Generator turbine

And of course:

Equipment Factory
several Crafting Stations

The best harvester and crafting system that never I see. . Here every combination can do a better or worse item, on different aspects from stadistics of fabricated item.

I'll glad to see on STO, but to see that, we need another "civilian brand" of traders, smuglers, piratas and high enterprises people, and a new economical system, where players or computer strike forces can do damage to enemy (on our chase, Klingon war fron, romulan fron, breen front or (and I think that will be better) really high scale borg conflict.

Time will do; for now, upgrade and reinforce the actual STO.

Thanks to everybody for the fun, sorry for my bad english.

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