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# 1 The Red Dawn 8th WIng
04-02-2012, 06:07 PM
Created as a multi tasking fleet against in the late 24th century. The Red Dawn 8th, fighting Wolverines, were part of the main body of the second Dominion war. Led by Vice Admiral Badiel Dax, the last of the Dax line. The Red Dawn Fleet would soon become legendary for it's variable members of fighting and elite Captains. It soon got the ebst reputation for not only its teamwork and dominance, but it's morality to uphold the prime directive and to teach all aspects of what the Federation was about. This is your chance to be part of that history. Right out of the academy, most of the Red Squadron, Starfleet's elite would join their ranks. Now, it is your turn. The Red Dawn 8th Wing is recruiting.

The Red Dawn is one of the most sought after new factions in the STO universe. with great teachers, fun team play, and wonderful people. We don't bully, or yell or make you do anything, but be part of a great social atmosphere and team play.

What we offer and why
[B]All Aspects of theSTO game now, excpet now you don't have tod o it alone.
Fleet vs Fleet PVP's
Great fun Events, like the Zakdorn, Great Dillithium Challenge, Search and Destroy, Shuttle Dance and much more
Scavanger Hunts
and even Red Dawn created Authorize missions.

Go to our site

We offer staffing, a sister Klingon fleet, our own chat line, and team speak. A website of great forums, teaching, socializing amd just plain fin. A fleet bank broken by ranks
and even several junk ones to keep your inventory clean.

We go by Fleet Rank, not STO rank, and you move up by helping, participating and attitude.

THE RED DAWN 8th WING is waiting...give us a try. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you.

Contact us at our webiste above: or mess me badiel@kingts in the game.

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