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# 1 I wasnt Spamming :p
04-02-2012, 08:41 PM
Ranting would be the word, ranting in a player made channel, wasnt even crypticmade, can a GM unsilence me and let the mods in Playermade channels handle who should be muted or not please? Srsly, playermade channels shouldnt be directly linked to cryptics 24 hour autosilence thing, if anything it should be linked to 2 minutes, let the players in the channel ignore and let the Operators/Admins mute, but dont mess with private channels please, Now can a GM please unmute me so i can go play more stfz for gozers impossible loot chances?

EDIT: On a slightly related sidenote, can we get Mute fixed in private channels, it doesnt actualy mute and it cant be undone.

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