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04-03-2012, 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
But that's just it. There's no use for that niche. If you want a cruiser, fly a cruiser. If you want a science ship, fly a science ship. The hybrid role that the Nebula is beastly at ... has no effective niche in this game.
So there's no use for a AoE CC based Science ship? Or a shield healing support ship? It does things differently to the other Science ships but it's still Science and in certain combinations is much more powerful than the pure Science ship; EWP owns GW in every way as a CC ability just as a Nebula running with ES2 and TSS3 is superior to a Cruiser at shield healing. It's different and it's role's slightly different but it's not so different that it 'has no niche'.

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