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-Now that we can munge DOffs into higher quality DOffs at any time, carrying around boatloads of white or green DOffs for Officer Exchanges isn't that appealing. I'd much rather munge them all into higher quality DOffs and have a few hand-picked green DOffs on-hand for officer exchanges.
-Commendation DOffs cannot be munged, but can be exchanged
-Commendation DOffs have a good range of trait combinations available, and are (re)purchaseable for the low-low price of 1k dil. (At least the greens are).
-As we'll see, there isn't an ideal DOff for all of them, but matching one trait is easy for most of them.
-Limiting ourselves to green commendation DOffs because 1k dil is cheap

Bajoran Exch: Spiritual Logical Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: Bygriia (R2 Medical Rigelian Botanist) {Congenial Efficient Spiritual Tactful}

Cardassian Exch: Efficient Eidetic Emotional Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: Bigaktabo (R2? Trade Benzite SecOff) {Efficient Eidetic Logical Stubborn}

Karemman Exch: Honorable Teamwork Aggressive Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: Ken Inuya Shijimi (R1 Trade Human Quartermaster) {Founders Honorable Tactful Teamwork}

Paradan Exch: Logical Unscrupulous Emotional Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: None, plenty of 1 trait matches (only logical/unscrup is an advisor and thus unuseable)

Wadi Exch: Congenial Tactful Aggressive Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: Muliza (R1 Sci Orion Biochemist) {Congenial Seductive Tactful Teamwork}

Cardassian Exch: Efficient Eidetic Emotional Unruly
Ideal Commendation DOff: none, plenty of 1 trait matches

Dosi Exch: Aggressive Cunning Tactful Honorable
Ideal Commendation DOff: Nefaum (R1 Develop Orion Sec Off) {Aggressive Cunning Emotional Unscrupulous}

Ferasan Exch: Aggressive Unruly Logical Peaceful
Ideal Commendation DOff: Alhina Mzyrni (R1 Marauder Andorian EWeapOff) {Aggressive Emotional Founders Unruly}
(Possibly more useful: Dgux (R2 Military Nausicaan Assault))

No claim is made as to the uniqueness of these DOffs idealness, ie, there might be other 'ideal' DOffs. (Indeed, for a couple i know there is, but i tried hard to find an R1 commendation DOff when possible).

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