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Borg deflector, engine, and console. Maco shields mk xii.

Engineering consoles:
EPS Flow Regulator mk xi (+70% power transfer rate)
Monotanium Alloy mk xi (+35 kinetic damage resist) I've tried different ship armors, can't decide on one.
Borg Console

Science Console:
Field Generator mk xi (+18% Maximum shield capacity)
Emitter Array mk xi (+26 Starship shield emitters)

Tactical Console:
4 +26% Anti-proton damage consoles

4 Anti-proton DHC's
3 Anti-proton Turrets

BOFF Abilities:
Tactical team - 1
Attack pattern BETA - 1
Attack pattern OMEGA - 1
Cannon rapid fire - 3

Tactical team - 1
Attack pattern BETA - 1
Cannon rapid fire - 2

Emergency power to shields - 1
Auxiliary power to structural integrity field - 1

Emergency power to shields - 1

Hazard Emitters - 1
Transfer shield strength - 2

I've tried using a build and loadout with a quantum torp up front and the appropriate tactical console, BOFF abilities, and duty officers. I felt like my solo dps was sluggish in comparison.

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