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Ive been watching this for several Days but all my Ground weaponry is off-centered
i can shoot at a Target Say with my Pulsewave rifle and it will not hit if the target
is centered in my Crosshairs and while shooting i notice the gun effect is definatly not going to
the center of the Crosshairs , if i aim using the Cross hairs with the gun i have to center
the enemy's bodymass more to the corners of the Reticule in order for my Pulsewave
to hit my enemy.

Secondary Attacks are an issue as well if the gun has Rapid fire, like my Antiproton minigun
if its not aimed the same way it will completely miss the target.

None of these issues sem to affect Marksman mode only in Standard Shooter mode.

Could this be due to a gorn size? as im max size for my gorn in height. As i have not had
this issue untill this recent major patch.

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