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04-04-2012, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
You should have asked: have you ever seen a faction as poorly done in an mmo as the kdf?
The Cryptic STO KDF bashing needs to stop. The interview by with Dan Stahl addressed some fantastic points about the in-game history of the KDF, plus how Mr. Stahl has continued to champion KDF faction growth.

Yes, we're customers (of Cryptic/Perfect World) by playing STO. And, yes, the customer base is clamoring for more content. Based on their business model, their metrics, their budgets, I think Cryptic/Perfect World is making progress. (Albeit slow progress.) I REALLY hope the hard work by the STO community on Klingon Awareness Week #2 gives Mr. Stahl some SOLID metrics to demonstrate player commitment (and sales revenues) for Klingon faction development to Perfect World executive management.

Let's hope players stay engaged with KDF play after KAW #2 is over. Maybe "Alpha" will draw even more players to the KDF side. Time will tell. And if KDF players still around as KDF toons, then Mr. Stahl has a better argument for more dev resources/budgeting.

Originally Posted by Staran View Post
I get he will never play the faction but others do.
Mr. Stahl clearly states that he has played STO as a Klingon, most recently on the Tribble test server. Maybe you mean "play the faction" in a different context. (?)

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