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Originally Posted by Specineff
Finally found out where to go.

In my opinion... First of all thankyou for the new KDF mission.

But expect people to get frustrated quickly with this. All I had was the marker on my compass to go by. Absolutely no marker on the map. It wouldn't be so bad normally.. but looking on the minimap for a clear direction of where to go is useless.

This map needs some better direction and cleaning up. For instance, when you heal the Captain and about to beam back to ship, Hirogen ambush with that huge force. You see the Romulan running away in a "walk fast" run animation. (cheesy) Also, it just feels veryyy How can I say it.. Unpolished on the ground.. like once again parts of it were rushed. It probably was just to get it out on the Klingon awareness week I suspect.

Other than that, a great and very badly needed addition to Klingon PvE missions. Not quite sure where it fits in the overall story (If it even does at all, but Ill let that go in hopes that more missions will flesh it out later.
This is something I'm used to from Foundry missions, because the opacity and colour of the marker doesn't work well against some back grounds, it's sometimes hard to spot. They also seem smaller than normal, I also had this with Colliseum once you got into the desert. You just have to zoom in on the map and look for where to go, and the compass guide gives a rough idea of where to start as well.

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