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Hi guys n gals been reading a lot and a lot of threads on these forums and can't find a definitive answer so I am hoping some of you experienced science jockeys would care to assist a returning player.

Just a note before I start. I do not want this thread to be hijacked by individuals whom think that science officers in science ships suck. I don't think I suck. I have returned to the game and require assistance as much has changed since my last build. This type of help I can't get from my current fleet as most or out of my timezone.

A little pre-history with my char.

ok I'll say that back in the day :-) my role on the ground and in space where very similiar - Heavy CC with some healing. I would very much like to keep that role but I will keep an open mind to your suggestions.

Race - Joined Trill
Level Vice Admiral 50
Current ship Intrepid Refit

Currently repected (mostly from guesswork) to reflect the abilities that I used. I am currently tweaking.

Im not ingmae (servers are down so I'll list what skills I have and weapons etc.

Weapons Front - Phasers 1 mk XI Borg
Phasers 1 mk X Borg
Rapid Reload Purpole Transphasic

Weapons Rear 2 x Phasers MK X Borg
1 x Transphasic cluster mine thingie :-) (can't remember proper name)

Consoles 1 armor mod for kinetic and energy
1 armor for tetryon/plasme/2 others
1 universal mod for deployable ablative armor
1 mod for increase in transfer rate
1 mod for biofunction monitor for crew
1 mod for phaser damage
1 mod for Transphasic damage
2 other science consoles and 1 borg universal console

How I usually open up a fight in pve

subtarget shield on the way in hit emergency power to aux hit gravity well use high yield 2 hit my transphasics then subtarget engines to keep target in grav well use tractor beam turn out and when can fire I finish them with transphasic cluster mine thingie. Usually I win. This is for normal pve fight I do also use sensor scan in there when I can remember it.

Now when running normal STF's My role is I feel is not pure dps but to provide for the most part CC I feel that I am doing ok providing CC and a spot of healing. using one of 2 tractors if needed (1 being part of the 4 set bonus) I feel that I could be doing more here. I always subtarget something.

Other abilities that I make availabe and use them when needed is tractor repulsers great for protecting kang or keeping the nanite probes away from repairing the gate.

Emergency power to shields
Hazard Emitters
Tact team
I have feedback pulse but Im considering changing that

Your replies wil be met with an open mind thanks for your time

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