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So, I just completed Salvage Dispute (unlockable after acquiring 10 Computer Core Fragments) and it did not give me the 1440 dilithium that it is supposed to reward for completing the mission. Was this reward removed? I did not see that in the patch notes.

I submitted a bug report just in case it's a bug and not as-designed. Ticket ID #1,318,768

I have to say that if it isn't a bug then it is extremely disappointing and doesn't make much sense since the mission cannot really be 'farmed' since it takes a few days to get enough Fragments to unlock the mission.

-edit- Okay further information that is not in the bug report: I just so happened to have acquired my 10th Fragment on a second character after having written the bug and this post. On the first character, I had had that mission already accepted and In Progress for at least a week, possibly 2 or 3 weeks, and only actually did it today.

On the 2nd character, I acquired the mission today and I just completed it and the dilithium was awarded properly.

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