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Hey, all. Due to the sale, I plan on picking up one of these. Question is, though, which one?

I love the design of the Defiant from an aesthetic perspective, and I think the Prometheus was overhyped a little in its canon appearances. But I understand that the Prometheus is a solid ship in-game. However, I also don't know how effective the multi-vector assault mode is - particularly since I have the Ody, and while I find separating the ship useful, I also find that the chevron to be of questionable value, and the escort to not last terribly long. Also, I don't have much (re: any) experience with cloak - seems a bit difficult to use effectively, unless it's a battle cloak (not that I know the difference). I also don't know how tough the ships are in terms of punishment, nor which one can put out the best firepower. And ultimately I'm more concerned with performance than looks.

Long story short I'm trying to get the one that's the "best" for me. I'm getting used to piloting escorts, or will be when I pick it up. I'd like it to be able to take a bit of a beating, and my experience is primarily with engineering powers, but if it's better for overall endurance I'm willing to learn with science powers. My "play style" with escorts is nearly nonexistent, other than I'm new enough that when I tried with an Akira at T3 I had a very hard time bringing my cannons to bear on an opponent after the first pass. I'm mainly a cruiser pilot, with either the Assault Cruiser or Odyssey.

I've also heard something about people tending to pick up the free T5 escort and using the multi-vector console on THAT for a better effect. I'd rather not do that (looking for an account-wide ship here), but how often is that done?

Any thoughts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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