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04-06-2012, 01:58 PM
I bought the bundle and don't see any problem with it. Yes you can get the TOS and ENT uniforms separately but you want the admiral DS9 uniform. You can get the DS9 uniform separately as well and get the First Contact uniforms for free with the game which are the late DS9 uniforms. A huge bonus I think.

If you compare the 3 available bundles you will agree that the price is more than fair. You get a beautifully designed bridge AND interior (why do some user compare the prices with the standalone bridges?), the DOFFs (come on who don't uses the DOFF system?), weapons (ok didn't need those) and the uniforms. In my view that bundle is a bargain if you are a DS9 Fan.

The TOS bundle is only 200 C-Points cheaper and has no DOFFs (which are I think worth 400-500 C-Points [you can't compare them to the cadres because you get 100% a very rare and two rare officers]), and no weapons.

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