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# 1 Help with a Garumba
04-03-2012, 03:46 PM
I recently picked up the garumba and im loving it but im finding im not able to stay i the fight. I was flying with a setup i used on my defiant -r but it isn't working out too well any suggestions are appreciated.

Tac officer

Fwd weapons
3X XII purple disruptor DHC from stf's
1X XII purple disruptor DBB from stf's

Rear weapons
4x purple mk XII disruptor turrets from stf's

Blue XI neutrinium armor
green XII Tetraburnium armor

2X blue XIField Generator

purple XI disruptor induction coil
3X blue mk XI disruptor induction coils

commander tac
target shields 1
tac team 2
beam overload 3
cannon rapid fore 3

lt commander tac
tac team 1
atack patern beta 1
attack patern omega 1

lt engineer
emergency power to shields 1
reverse shield polarity 1

ensign enginner
engineering team 1

lt science
transfer shield strength 1
hazard emitters 2

any help is much appreciated.
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# 2
04-03-2012, 05:12 PM
I'd say this.

emergency power to shields 1 and 1. Drop the RSP for sure, chain the 2 copies of power to shields. You can then add an Aux to inertial damp 1 for extra resist and turning.

I'd also try swapping the Transfer shield and hazard. Try out a Hazard 1 and transfer 2.

A pretty solid tac boffs would be,

tac team 1, beta 1, overload 3, rapid fire 3
tac team 1, rapid fire 1, omega 1

Tac team 1 is just as good as 2. If you must have a target shields, I'd drop 1 and get a 2 or 3 atleast, if at all. You want more than 1 rapid fire to keep the pressure up.

The RCS seems good, I'm not sure what the green armor gives you, if its plasma resist than good for stfs.

What kind of shields/engines/deflector are you using? I would try out borg Def, borg engine, honor guard shield, add in the borg console from the mission Assimilated. That would give you a nice 3 piece borg set and a good shield. Put the borg console in on of your Sci slots.

Try those thngs and see if it improves.
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# 3
04-03-2012, 05:36 PM
I am using the borg deflector engines and the console i just swaped it with the rcs but it was too bad a turn rate so ill swap it into a sci slot. i tried the borg shields they seemed to hep but I do have the elite honor gurd shield so ill try that next. thanks for the advice. ill swap powers tonight and try it. also i have no problem droping attack shields it was just a filler. the green armor is resist for plasma anti proton and i think tetryon or polaron dont remember off the top of my head.
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# 4
04-03-2012, 10:25 PM
Get Neutronium alloy armor. It gives resistances to all kinds of damage.
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# 5
04-06-2012, 09:18 AM
Here's my STF Gurumba build, and it's quite good as meeting elite bonus objectives when no one rage-quits, or carrying a low-DPS team:

Fore Weapons: 1 Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII , 1 quad disruptor cannon, 1 Disruptor DHC Mk XII, 1 Quantum Torpedo Launcher Mk XII
Rear Weapons: 2 Disruptor Turrets Mk XII, 1 Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher Mk XII

Ship Equipment: Borg Deflector, Borg Subtranswarp Engines, Klingon Honor Guard Shields Mk XI

Engineering Consoles: EPS Flow Regulator Mk XI, Aceton Assimilator, Theta Radiation Vents
Sci Consoles: Field Generator Mk XI, Borg Universal Assimilated Module
Tactical Consoles: 3x Disruptor Coils Mk XI, 1 Power Leech Module

-Bridge Officer Abilities-
Commander Tactical: Tactical Team 1, CSV1, CSV2, AP-Omega 3
LtCmdr Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Beam Target Shield Subsystem 2 (or Torp Spread 2), Torpedo Spread 3
Lt.Engineering: EPtS1, Aux to SIF 1
Ensign Engineering: EPtS1
Lt.Science: Hazard Emitters 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors 1

Used by my KDF Sci captain.

Basic Strategy: spray every priority target with CSV and Torp Spread 3. When engaging gates + tac cubes, fly into point blank and drop both Theta Radiation Vents + Aceton Assimilator probe. Save AP-Omega to counter Borg Tractor Beams. Use EPTs1 and Aux to SIF1 whenever possible. When your defended position is about to get over-runned, use Evasive Maneuvers + Repulsors to mass-push Borg swarms away.

Other Notes: Try not to go crazy on turrets -- too many will gimp your total damage output if not backed by sufficient bonus power abilities. Also remember that Borg do not use special abilities that regenerate shields, so Torpedo based platforms will out damage most energy weapons-only ships in STF's.

Hope this helps...
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# 6
04-06-2012, 11:33 PM
One setup and the main setup I used on mine which makes it really effective when using it is first off since the javelin is disruptors all disruptors.

Quad Cannon, 2 DHC's and a Bio Neural Torpedo front and three turrets rear. The torpedo allows you to free up any torpedo skills for attack patterns which I have one of each so depending on if you are looking at a pvp or stf stand point you can adapt to a give situation depending on stf enemy or what enemy players are trying to throw out in pvp.

Once you get that shield facing opened up nothings going to survived a buffed javelin and a bio neural torpedo (which is a tricobalt, some npc's might survive that double tap but they will be severly damaged when you do it). When you need defense besides any engineering or science you can throw up that omega or delta and when you need to give the whole team the home field advantage throw out your beta.
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# 7
04-07-2012, 03:20 PM
I <3 Guramba Siege Destroyer!

After asking several people that have the Siege Destroyer what their builds were and reading the infinite power ( thread I have this:

My build:

Weapons Fore:
2 DHC Disruptor mk12 Borg
1 Quantum mk12 borg
1 Quad Disruptor cannons or another Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons.

Weapons Aft:
3 Disruptor turrets mk12 borg

Deflector: Honor Guard
Impulse: Honor Guard
Shield: Honor Guard

Engineering Consoles: Plasmonic Leech Console, Neutronium mk12, assimilated module
Science: 2 Field Generators or 1 field generator and 1 emitter array.
Tactical: 3x Disruptor induction coil 26% or 28%; 1 zero point quantum chamber 26% or 28%

(You can get 28% versions of these from exchange, but for disruptors its 12million, and quantums 6million. Pricing has actually been up and down saw Disruptors mk11 purple for 5.6million the other day.)

Now Different Builds is mainly different tac officers.

First set of Tac is good for pve and pvp:

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;high yield 3; Cannon rapid fire 3
Lt. Commander Tac: tactical team1; torp spread 2; atp Omega or beta
Lt. Engineering: EPtS, Reverse Shield polarity 1
Ensign Engineering: Emergency power to shields 1 (EPtS)
Lt. Science: hazard emitters 1; polarize hull

This build increases survivability in pvp due to the two tactical teams. I've been able to go 1v4 in Kerrat against Federation VAs.
(Only lost once in a 1v1 with this build. The federation had the voyager ship with the armor, and a whole lot of tricks. We battle it out for 4 mins, before I couldn't do anything and died.)

PVE build difference is just tac officers:

Commander Tac: tactical team1;scatter volley 1;scatter volley 2; ATP Beta 3
Lt. Commander Tac: Torpedo spread1; torp spread 2; ATP Beta 2

This second build is for dealing large amounts of damage to multiple targets consistently. You activate ATP Beta 3, SCV2, and TS2 first and fire. Then you do ATP beta 2, SCV 1, and TS1 second. If you want to be a Savior for Cure Elite STF then this is it. I'm able to handle all birds from all 3 lanes by myself, and usually 1 and half of the raptor lanes. Negs aren't a problem. I've had to defend against raptors when my team killed one cube without touching the nanite probes on the others. So fighting raptors for several minutes is intense but possible with this build. Done this a few times. People just love me for it, because I've yet to lose a cure elite with this.)

Using three purple doffs give you a 15 second cool down on Evasive maneuvers which helps you get to all three lanes on cure faster. Also on Khitomer accord you can handle probes on both sides by yourself. You will get optional for both stfs if the other 4 have enough combined dps to achieve it. I have problems with raptors on cure where I do need help with the second lane.

***I'm currently using tetryon weapons now, just because it helps drop shields of the birds, raptors, negs, and probes faster. However, I also have flow capacitor skill with 6 points which helps Tetryon's proc.***

Doffs for each build:
Three purple conn doffs for evasive maneuvers which helps with stfs.
The other two is your preference, but I have shield distribution blue quality (until I get purple.) Then I have warp-core engineer.

Good build that I took some ideas from. I got the quad cannons from another ship Ning'Tao Class.

The Guramba is a Ferrai among ships!

Power levels: current 65 55 50 30
Not sure about these but I've been playing around.

Hope this helps!
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# 8
04-07-2012, 03:40 PM
This works also for the gurumba both for pve and pvp.

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