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Join mah fleet, and you can be part of something great. There are a few upcoming tournaments in the works, and plenty of continual BIG pvp games organized through the OPVP chat in game. Jon with me, MiniMax, scourge of fednoobos, and lay waste to the competition.

If you have played this game since beta, or just started it, I am positive I can show you things you havent seen yet. The game can be played in a myriad of ways, but the most rewarding and entertaining playstyle is by far that of the klingon cloaking bird of prey(brel even moreso)/.

If you like living on the edge, and winning despite the odds against superior forces, this is the place for you. i am opening myself up to all manner of noobos and whatnot, but the more the merrier. Ill take all comers, I have a decent fleet bank and a small roster of active pvpers.

Message me ingame for info! Qapla!

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