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# 1 STO Development
02-15-2010, 10:42 AM
I believe most are somewhat disspleased with the product of "STO" as it is now;for numerous reasons;1 of which is due to the servers capacity,instability & the bugs;bugs happen;but Cryptic shouls have resolved the capacity & stability by now.

The major dissapointments as i see it is the lack of content and the closed system of play.
Ive spent the last few days watching "TNG" & "Enterprise" and reconnected to what made "StarTrek" great.
In my oppinion it was the "Adventure" of "Discovery" & "Exploration" & I believe "DS9" & "Voyager" although with some elements of "Gene Roddenberrys" Vision;diverged from its core,and become more like "Negihbours" in space & "Robinson Crusoe" trying to get home & lots what made the other series great.

How can we make this game what we would all like to see;to experience? Admittedly some of our ideas my never be impleented and would have to be wanted by the majority of the community (Subscribers).

I propose everyone write what they would like to see & think is a good idea.
If "Cryptic" are to study them for consideration of implementation,we need to keep them concise.
Here are a few of my Ideas.

1 Open game play.Ability to warp to a system explore it (including planet) and do a mission that evolves from individuals choices.

2 The missions should be more than just kill ships in space or aliens on planets;and running arround empty planets scanning seed pods is not fun.

3 Planets should be populated,sentients and general life forms.

4 Player ships should have their own mess halls,engineering sections,ect,ect & missions should be introduced to be performed on board player ships,that evolve from choises made as play conducts.

5 There should be "commerce" to some degree,maybe a bit of asteroid mining & perhaps Rental from starfleet,instalations (perhaps on asteroids) for the production of (components of ship & crew(perhaps photon torpedoes have be ammo))???

Hopefully we can look later at voting on what ideas we would like to see,after as many people as possible have contributed their proposals.Then Aks "Cryp[tic" to consider their implementation.

Please,if You like the "StarTrek" "Dream/Vision" and want this to be more than it currently is;post your ideas here for followup later.
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# 2 What I would like to see......
04-08-2012, 07:33 AM
I agree, after a couple of months Im levelled out and have many top ships and equipement. YAWN! This is what I would like to see rather then C-Store upgrades!


1) Customization of Player Ships. More control on mass, structure, composites that would add or subtract from the cost and characteristics of the build. Build times for special ships that await in actual ship build hangers. More options should be available to high level players. Control over how many consols are included, how many bridge officers, etc.

2) More ship decks, interactions with your actual crew and officers, and more missions aboard ship. The ability of personalizing decks, your office, etc rather then just purchasing a (Yawn) bridge pack.

3) More technical problems and available temp fixes for your ship till arrivial to a starbase or yard. Actual visual effects for decks and outside ship that last for damages that are not yet attended.

4) The ability to play inside the ship during battle, "On view screen!"


1) More interactive: wildlife, natives, and alien space tech discoveries that are random. EXPLORATION being key! Star Trek was about finding new worlds, charting exploration and the discovery of life.

2) A map that includes individual discovered planets and systems. If you didnt discover it, its not on the map!

3) More unique missions on planets rather then go find this and that. The ability to have many outcomes in one mission.


1) Duty personel who do assignments that are successful should gain points for advancement. After a certain amount of successful missions that duty officer should have the ability for promotion to the next tier.

2) Personal research assignments that has to do with ship components, warp core, etc should boost ships ability if successful.

3) Research on ship with the ability of making new special components for ship, weapons systems and so on. Options that are numerious so that it adds to the personalization of the ship.


1) More individual perks rather than a drive to go make a fleet or join a fleet. I recall the Star Trek idea and the Enterprise mostly doing lone missions, not flying around in wolf packs. (I'm that old that I can recall the actual airing of the first show!) Interaction would be a great part of game play, but forcing players to join a fleet for more perks is just silly and not trekky.

Thats what I would like to see.



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