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04-08-2012, 07:51 AM
I have 5 fed toons and just recently started my second KDF toon. You can say that my play fits the Fed side better than the KDF. That said, the biggest reason for just now starting my second KDF is due to the lack of content. I want a fully fledged KDF side too even though I am a primary Fed player.

Cause and Effect can be a tedious thing: Players don't roll KDF due to lack of content; Devs don't create KDF content due to the lack of KDF players.

One side is eventually going to have to break to force the other's hand. Otherwise, nothing will be done.
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04-08-2012, 08:32 AM
You spent perhaps too much time making a thorough argument about side factions not being popular enough to Trek fans that you seem to have stopped before telling us the mechanical details of your repair. So, for the sake of argument lets assume you're right and, no matter how awesome they make the Klingon faction, the numbers will never be there. (As a disclaimer, I think you're wrong, I'm just more interested in the nuts and bolts of your proposed change and don't want to get bogged down trying to prove it.)

So, in your faction system, what would your faction selection actually determine? Would mission content be affected? Would ship selection be effected? Would crew races be effected?
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04-08-2012, 08:41 AM
Under the current game design you are right, however, more factions would be fine if the game were to become more dynamic and player driven.

The real problem right now is cryptic is spending too much time on static non-replayable content, and therefore can only focus on the federation.

The answer is in my sig

With good dynamic game design, you don't need to prefer a faction to decide to play it. Under a system like this, where you expand the game in reusable ways, anything you add applies to all factions (current and new) automaticly. All new content expands all factions.
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04-08-2012, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Still I maintain that the KDF fans do not want a rework of all episodes or to share the episodes (we already have agnostic endgame content), we want a complete faction with its on understanding and telling of how the KDF fits into STO other than the weak Monster Play we have been given.
Not equality, not Parity, not sharing the lime-light to steal the feds aclaims but complete.

I find it funny how mnay times the same tenor of posts like this pop-up with the underlying assumption that somehow the KDF needs to be rolled into the federation to save the Devs the effort and trouble of working on it and let them get back to doing what they need to be doing, creating more for the feds to play as they are the important ones.
Perhaps the problem is the dramatic heights of rhetoric some Klingon players will go to in their distaste for their lack of content that leaves players confused. From the point of view of someone who plays both factions, the KDF has been getting slowly but progressively better ever since the game was released. Sometimes it gets better faster, sometimes it gets better slower, but it always gets better.

If you had to judge based solely on Hawks posts though, you'd believe that the KDF have been bleeding to death for over two years. Perhaps posts from certain KDF players have convinced non-KDF players that the problem is so bad that it would be a mercy to kill the faction now.

When have they ever made KDF content that stole thier efforts from the feds? At what point did the KDF cause the feds to not continue to get something, anything that they wished?
Well, with a finite amount of effort to expend, one could argue that any effort spent on the KDF is effort that would have gone to Federation content. Or agnostic end game content.

You've got U-slots, claoks and even a carrier down the rode, you got Bajor, Risa, the Academy, A new ESD, Ships galore and enough costume options to choke Emilda Marcos in options, and the list goes on an on. You can play as a Klingon already in the federation as a full member and even play alongside your fed friends in the STFs, so what is missing that the Empire needs to be rolled into the UFP?
Well this I agree with. The only thing a faction revision could really bring to the table would be a coalition PVP queue and, maybe, faction agnostic duty officers and bridge officers. I'm not sure either of those is useful enough to justify the change.

At no point has anything created for the KDF slowed down this progress and the Devs have all but said aloud that they will chase the feds revenue stream with only a smattering of attention to be kept to the KDF as they can validate the resources to be spent on the KDF.
Well this I'd say is wrong, but besides the point. Any time invested into the KDF is time not going into the Federation, thus the hours they spend designing a Klingon ship is hours that would have been spent designing a Federation ship and so slowed down the design of the next Federation ship.

Increase in development costs is a sacrifice we make for an increase in play options. We all decide where the draw the line separately and hope the developers agree with us.

SO why does the KDF need to be rolled into the federation? What great issue does it solve?
Lack of playable content would be one issue this solves. It's not the playable content you want, but it would be there for a Klingon player.

In my own opinion I see it as false belief that if done, the absorbing of the KDF, that it will quiet those whom wish to see a complete KDF faction oneday. It won't happen and it will not solve anything.
Well you're right here. People who want a full faction would certainly not become any quieter if Cryptic announced it was turning factions into a marginal choice by making all PVE content and PVP queues faction agnostic. They might stop playing, but alot of those guys have lifetime subscriptions so you know they'll still be on the board.

No great lessening of pressure for the Devs will arise and the niether the game or the forums will suddenly become peaceful in play or attitude.
Fans want what fans want and our wants are not yours. Stop trying to tell us otherwise.
This is wrong though, lets not kid ourselves. Adding a second faction, even in the slow way they are doing so, is added pressure on the developers. I think it's added pressure that's worth it by creating more play options for players, but it is added pressure.
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04-08-2012, 08:52 AM
Originally Posted by Rexy
No, I'm not wrong, Trelane was a child of his species, yet Q had not had children in millennia, since TOS does not occur millennia before Voyager, Trelane cannot be a Q.
Amanda Rogers says hi. Clearly, Q have had children, despite what Q said in "The Q and the Grey." Perhaps, like Amanda, Trelaine wasn't born into the Continuum.

But I do agree with your OP for the most part, except I think they should just end the war in a really good Featured Series. No need to re-do all the old missions. As someone who would like to play Romulan faction sometime this decade, I can't even imagine waiting however long it would take for KDF to reach "full parity" or whatever. If RSE and CU are to be "mini-factions", then there's no reason to make KDF a full faction, either.
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04-08-2012, 09:14 AM
Rexy, the only "mistake" Cryptic needs to fix regarding the multiple faction approach is not delivering on their promise of two fully PvE factions.

If they fix that, and make sure to release forward-going content for both in equal measure, then the problem will be solved.

It's all a question of priorities. And when ypu tell your customers (whose money you hope will be spent on your product) that you're foing to do this, that, or the other, then if you want to keep those customers, you do this that or the other.

Content is king... single Foundry aithors have managed to turn out more KDF content in less time with significantly less functional tools than Cryptic has managed to produce in TWO YEARS. They are a game development company. So why can't they develop content?

I say that Cryptic should integrate a version of the Foundry that allows missions to be deployed into the core game, Hire a KDF content developer from the Foundry community, and put them to work rounding out the rest of the KDF. Then they hire a UFP writer so UFP/KDF can have balanced content releases. At the same time, they introduce the Romulan Star Empire as a faction and hire a RSE Foundry author to begin developing content for them as well.

Three new hires, using tools they are already familiar with, working within certain guidelines as to what CBS does and does not want. These three content authors could coordinate their plotlines so they can figure out how they tie together from a UFP, KDF and RSE standpoint. Any Foundry Author who would want a real job working for Cryptic should be willing to accept guideline-based regulation of content, and as long as they don't cross the lines, and as long as they are as true to canon representation of the factions in question as technology allows, then they should be granted near autonomy. Let the core development team focus on creating new game systems and producing new assets. Let the writing and mission design group focus only on that.

Those of us who have played Foundry missions, or at least watched video reviews of them, know full well that the existing resources can be used in extremely creative ways. I would wager that even Cryptic is surprised at what some of these talented people have managed to do. If I were them, I would be approaching the Foundry Authors who have demonstrated the greatest proficiency before looking elsewhere for someone to hire.

But that makes too much sense, which is why it won't happen. After all, why develop content when you can make tons of money off fluff items sold in the C-store... Or better yet, C-store sale of the means to unlock a CHANCE to win a fluff item?

The game needs content for BOTH factionsm, and it needs it to come out regularly, as in every week to two weeks, no less than once a month at the very least.

And yes... Sell keys to silvers to unlock access to it. Make money off the content. If people pay for fluff, why wouldn't they pay for substance? Gold players would have automatic access to all content. That right there would make Subbing worth it.

Let the the keys to unlock each new mission cost 275cp ($3.44) which is roughly one quarter of a monthly sub fee. If they staff up enough that they can manage to churn out 4 missions per month, then they get a subscription's worth in sales. If the don't then they don't make as much. Let them earn the money we give them.

I can't speak for everyone, but I am willing to pay for content more than I am willing to pay for fluff.

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