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04-08-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by DrPhil321 View Post
I'm on that thread right now. Those builds aren't for the intrepid.
Intrepid / D'Kyr / Nebby, all the same ships with one of two BO abilities different.
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04-08-2012, 01:29 PM
Originally Posted by Cygone View Post
Estimation of power values are a little to high,

You are correct tho 2DBB, Launcher and 3Turrets is he highest DPS possible on the Imtrepid. Problem is you need 125 weapon power to do this, you can't get 125 weapon power, along with 125 shield power and 125 aux power at the same time, you can get close with enough FlowC to alow energy siphon to run longer than its cooldown however because you need to switch targets as the one with ES3 is dead, your power levels will plumet.

See this thread
Already read it, in fact Ive got a post in it.
Once the target dies, you still keep the power.
Switching to High Aux only happpens once every minute. If you do it right, the power "decelerates" slow enough to not drop off too much. When siphon is recharged, I hit my high aux setting, takes 2 seconds to get past the 100 mark, by the time it casts, it is at max. As soon as siphon is done casting, you switch back. The whole process takes 5 seconds.

75/55/25/45 Un-adjusted raw settings
95/74/54/84 With captain skills and some borg gear
117/96/66/96 With Siphon Energy
117/118/66/96 With EPtS I, (with II shields will be 125)
125/125/76/106 With the MACO Power Conduit link.

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