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03-31-2012, 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by Quadra
Well if memory serves the last time I tried that it didn't work. I can try it again when I get home just to be sure.

I'm curious what websites you found this information on. Can you post some links?

It seems silly for me to buy a G13 for STO and have the Nostromo for other games. I agree that the software for the Nostromo could be a bit better, but this is really the only issue I've had with it and only with STO (which is breaking my heart).
Just confirming that turning off the diagonal directions on the d-pad doesn't work. When I do that and press diagonally no keys register at all. When I set everything to the defaults (which use the arrow keys and automatically combine the keys in the diagonals) I get the same weird behavior as before in STO, although other games are fine.
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03-31-2012, 07:27 PM
Whoohoo! A kind soul at the 3DGuru forums took pity on me and posted the 1.03 drivers. I uninstalled the old ones (taking a screenshot of my settings first) and then installed driver 1.03, and... Hallelujah! The D-pad now works perfectly in STO and still works as before in Star Wars: The Old Republic. I've got to say that using the d-pad to fly the ship is a revelation. I could never get used to the keyboard controls, so I used the mouse, but that was fatiguing and limiting. Now I can control my ship in a way that feels natural, only uses one finger, and allows me to control the camera for targeting. Just awesome! I also use a Razer Nostromo macro to spam the spacebar key which combined with the in-game macro that links fire all beam weapons and distribute shields to the spacebar, almost makes combat too easy.

In case anyone else is using the Nostromo and needs the older drivers they are available here:

(If that link expires PM me and I can send it to you.)
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04-08-2012, 08:58 PM
I use the Razer Nostromo. I know this is a late response. I've owned Notromo N51 and N52 in the past. My Razer Nostromo settings are;
6= -
7= =
8= Q
9= W
10= E
Pad1 = Space
Pad2 = 9
Pad3= L-shift
Pad4 = 8
Button = F (fire all weapons)
Mouse wheel fwd = off
Mouse Button V
Mouse Button rvs = off

Ingame SPACE settings I've had;
Key Binds Tab
Pitch Up = W
Pitch Down = S
Turn Left Bind #1 is A, Bind#2 is Q
Turn Right Bind #1 is D, Bind#2 is E

Ingame GROUND settings I've had;
Move Fwd Bind#1 is W, Bind #2 is UP
Move Back Bind#2 is S, Bind #2 is Down
Move Left is Q
Move Right is E
Turn Left Bind#1 is A, Bind#2 is Left
Turn Right Bind#1 is D, Bind#2 is Right
Jump is Space
Run is Shift

My reasoning on reversing WASD forward and reverse is my own personal choice as ergonomically its more comfortable to have my fingers in the same line on the majority of forward movement in game than poking my middle finger forward to hit W. So I made W reverse as if I am pushing a wall and moving backwards. The placement of 1 through 0 around the Nostromo was a theme I had created and gotten used to since WOW. I use it in RIFT as well as STO today.

I am glad you found your own solution in the end.

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