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04-09-2012, 10:55 AM
Ok, near term wish list.......

Star date displayed more prominantly on the HUD (just an aesthetic thing for me)

The ability to buy single foundry slots for non subscribing players with c-points. (more foundry missions equals more variety and more reason for players to come back.)

Medium Term.

Start putting the very best foundry missions into the universe in a more concrete way. Perhaps a monthly competition for the best new foundry mission, the winners mission to be inserted into the regular game. Instead of getting the mission through the usual foundry menu, let it be selectable via the usual mission route.

Playable Romulans, maybe even a cross faction race.

Long Term

The ability to visit Utopia Planitia and modify your ships. Say you have a Luna class and would rather have an ensign science station rather than a tactical one. Go to UP, perhaps play a mini game that dictates the cost of such a design modification. As for the currency, C-points if we're talkiing a couple of hundred a pop, dilithium if its more. Shouldn't cost more than the original ship.
Wouldn't just apply to stations either. One might want to modify the console loadout, or sacrifice 1000 hull points for some more shields, turn speed, impulse speed, or crew strength. The exact formulae of what equals what can be worked out, but I hope you get the idea.

Finally, and i believe this one is in the pipe anyway, the ability for Fleets to create bases of some kind. One base per fleet and have them situated in the various nebula that adjoin most sectors. Heres the kicker though, put a cap on how many bases can be placed there. Say, five maximum. When you warp into, say Delta Pavonis, youd see the usual spread of anomolies to investigate. youd also see five portals to fleet bases (they are basically outposts in wild lands).

If your fleet wants to move in and all the slots are full, then a fleet vs fleet battle must take place. The outpost gets assaulted. Winner gets the slot. Fair rules would need to be in place for such actions, Id suggest that, in the interests of fair game balance, they be by appointment as it were. Perhaps outposts are only vulnerable to attack for 24 hours every fifth day. If an attack begins, the owning fleet has five minutes to get as many of its members to the outpost before hostilities begin.

Owning an outpost would give the members of that fleet some kind of bonus to CXP, say 20% to all exploration xp. More bonuses could be acrued by expending large amounts of resources to build modules like medical research bases, military training facilities or even trade hubs and recruiting offices.

Ah well, I am getting carried away now, but a Trill can dream.........

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