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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Re-added Kurland's voice over for KDF characters to the end of "Boldly They Rode."
  • Borg Cubes should no longer pitch and yaw while in combat.
  • General server stability improvements.
  • Ships will once again bank correctly when turning while in combat.

Duty Officers:
  • Improved numerical rewards for "Crew Evaluation" Duty Officer assignment.
  • Entertainer Hologram Duty Officers will now return Dilithium Ore and Recruitment CXP when dismissed.
  • Substantially increased Gold-Pressed Latinum payout for Shapeshifting Locket assignment chain repeatable.
  • Increased frequency and reduced numerical rewards accordingly for "Provide Sanctuary" repeatable in "Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar" assignment chain.
    • This repeatable awards a random Cardassian Duty Officer on a critical, so this change will make this assignment more accessible.
  • Federation B'Tran Support Liberated Borg Duty Officers have had their traits adjusted to match the number of KDF B'Tran Support Duty Officer traits.
  • Improved rewards for "Execute Changeling Spy" Duty Officer assignment.
  • Updated chain description text for Tulaberry and Ferasan Nepeta Leaves Biomedical Investigations assignment chains to more clearly describe the end-chain repeatable rewards.
  • Updated a bad Bartending assignment that was giving the wrong version of the Comet Cocktail out.
    • The version given out worked, but was not acceptable for another assignment.
  • Corrected some level references for Duty Officer ship interior and world contacts that were resulting in players not being able to access their functionality until a level after where they should.
  • Updated assignment involving investigating capability to assassinate using telekinesis to be in the Marauding category to match the type of CXP the assignment was giving out.
  • Added the "Resolve" trait to the Cardassian Duty Officer reward, "Gul Tain", for the Ghosts of the Jem'Hadar assignment chain.
  • Resolved an issue with "Quell Civil Unrest" assignments that were resulting in an aberrantly blank item requirement.
  • Improved rewards for "Resupply Ground Deployment" assignments to take into account their expenditure of commodities.

  • Updated Energy Siphon:
    • The self-buff portion now has the same duration as the debuff on the target.
    • Flow Capacitors no longer modifies the duration of this power, it now modifies the magnitude.
      • Duration has been slightly increased, due to Flow Capacitors no longer increasing it .
    • Flow Capacitor skill has a larger impact on Drain amounts than it does on Buff amounts
      • This is in order to balance against opponent resists.
    • Power Insulators reduce the magnitude of the debuff if you are targeted by this power, but have no effect on the buff the user will receive.
    • Debuff can be cured using Science Team or Hazard Emitters.
      • This has no effect on the buff portion of the power.
  • Updated Beam Array - Target Subsystem Shields:
    • Reduced duration of subsystem energy drain on ranks 1 and 2.
      • They are now 10sec and 12sec, respectively.
      • This drain should not stack, even when targeted by multiple foes.
    • Reduced magnitude of subsytem energy drain on all ranks, and reduced the benefit it receives from Flow Capacitors.
    • Increased the amount of Shield Damage dealt by this power.
    • The amount of damage now scales with the rank of the power:
      • At Rank 1 it now deals 2x as much shield damage as it previously did.
      • At Rank 2 it now deals 2.5x as much shield damage as it previously did.
      • At Rank 3 it now deals 3x as much shield damage as it previously did.
  • Updated Tachyon Drones:
    • Reduced the Shield Drain per tick on their Tachyon Beams to approx 70% of existing values.
    • It should be noted that these are Carrier Pets, and thus are subject to some ongoing AI tweaks.
  • Updated Tetryon Glider:
    • Reduced base magnitude slightly.
    • Reduced benefit that can be gained by investing in Flow Capacitors.
  • Updated Tractor Beam:
    • Increased base slow effect, but decreased the benefit it can gain from Graviton Generators.
    • Reduced the effect that Inertial Dampers has on resisting the slow effect.
  • Updated Trait: Covert:
    • It now correctly works on Ground and not Space.
    • Corrected Stealth Values to be more realistic: 10%, 20% and 30% for each rank of the Trait.
      • Players have Rank 2.
  • Updated Skill: Sensors:
    • Doubled the benefit this skill gives to detection Cloaked ships.
      • This is still only about a 1.0km difference between no skill and max skill, and can be offset by Aux levels.
  • Updated Reverse Shield Polarity:
    • Slightly increased duration of all ranks.
    • Shield Emitter skill now gives an additional bonus to duration.
    • Resolved an issue that caused all ranks to behave like Rank 1 in terms of percentage of damage converted to shield healing.
      • Ranks 2 and 3 should be better heals now, in addition to their duration increases.
  • Updated Medicinal Plants in Coliseum:
    • Resolved an issue that may have caused Medicinal Plants to appear non-responsive.
    • Slightly increased the range and magnitude of Medicinal Plants' healing effects.
  • The S.S. Azura II and S.S. Vov'wi will no longer repeatedly deal small amounts of damage to themselves when summoned.
  • All buffs that increase your power levels cannot be resisted by the player that uses them, or their teammates.
  • Updated the Chaffe Base Turn Rate so it is no longer so slow.
  • Updated Reverse Shield Polarity so it no longer heals your shields from kinetic damage.

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