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Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
The concept of separate mechanics for PvE and PvP is something the STO Team at Cryptic is not willing to pursue. It is our opinion that designing two separate sets of mechanics for two separate forms of gameplay would be a design mistake - it prevents you from setting uniform expectations among your players on functionality, and effectively doubles the design and balance work associated with any new set of mechanics for nearly no gain.

Instead, our goal remains keeping a vigilant eye on game balance in general, regardless of whether you are playing PvE, PvP, or even just roleplaying in a social area.

We're not going to presume to say that we're doing a flawless job of this. We all know there are inconsistencies and balance concerns at every turn. But our goal as a team remains to balance those for the entirety of the game. Not one subsection or another.

~ I would like to ask you to relay to your team over at the studio ,the following concept, in the hopes to make, not only their job easier in the way of game balance, but also to make our game more fun for both PVP and PVE players alike.

Concept: I strongly believe that it would be better for us all, if the Cryptic Studios design Team, stopped making special consoles that allowed players to use additional special abilities on top of their Bridge Officer Abilities.

Instead, special consoles could do...

#1: Special consoles that come with C-Store Ships should give the same exact passive bonuses, if not slightly better passive bonuses, than their counterparts. Special consoles could even be made to do this without even making Special Consoles that give additional Special Abilities.

#2 Special Consoles that come with special abilities should allow players to instead Train an Appropriate Bridge Officer in the new Special Ability; that is designed to be used with that Special Console. (Note: that means some of the recharge times on abilities will have to be significatly less)

~Doing special abilities this way will force the player to have to choose between already available abilities and the new special ability.

For Example: let’s use the T5 Nebula Class Refit Science Vessel and the Tachyon Detection Grid Console that comes with that ship.

~The Design Team could have made the Console a Science Console only, that gives (+35) to Starship Sensors. Then they could allow a player who has the console equipped, to then be able to train a Bridge Officer in the special ability “Tachyon Detection Grid”; which means, the player would have to sacrifice some other Bridge Officer Ability in order to use it.

~The benefit to both giving the console a passive bonus like consoles already in game is two-fold: First, the player isn’t forced to use the special ability and still gets a better than normal passive bonus. Secondly, if the player does choose to train the officer in the special ability; that player loses something else in exchange.

~The Design Team could do this for most Consoles already in game.

Your Thoughts...

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