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First of all, mad cudos to Heretic and his team for their work on the Duty Officer system. Genius.

I have a full roster of really cool Bridge Officers who are well equipped, skilled to the Nines, but basically do nothing. The composition of my Bridge Stations and Away Team are basically set. One way of providing for Bridge Officer and Duty Officer interaction may be to create a category of missions called: Special Operations (SO). I see the SO missions as the Doff analog to the Special Task Force (STF) missions. After listening to Heretic's recent interview on STOked, I clearly understood the technical challenge of turning Duty Officers into Bridge Officers. However, I wonder if it is possible to create an "instance" or "doppelganger" of a specific Bridge Officer for use in the Duty Officer system? Can the Passives of a Bridge Officer be the basis for a set of new Traits in the Duty Officer system? Or can each Bridge Officer be given a set of Duty Officer-compliant traits derived from their existing Passives?

The SO missions could work something like this

1. SO missions require one (1) Bridge Officer to "lead" one or more Duty Officers on the Special Operation.
2. Missions would vary in lengthy; requiring up to a week to complete in some cases.
3. Only Rare or Very Rare DoFFs would be required for SO missions.
4. Mission might include things like: Search and Rescue, Sabotage, Train the Resistance, Insurgency, Boarding Party, etc.
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04-07-2012, 11:03 PM
Bridge officer and duty officer interactions and synergizing is something we are in fact very interested in exploring. We have a few preliminary designs - such as the Department Head system - we have been working on.
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04-09-2012, 11:00 AM
I like this idea!
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04-09-2012, 05:05 PM
Heretic, your work on the DOff system is greatly appreciated. The effort is surely monumental. In my humble estimation, the Special Operations missions would provide some needed turnover among Bridge Officers. As it is now, getting rid of a bound Boff is simply a matter of clicking Career Options --> Discharge. Many Captains, myself included, develop a slight affinity for various Bridge Officers not to mention the investment in Shields, Armor, Weapons, and Skill Points. To simply click them away is no fun. However, loosing an officer like this on a tough Special Operations mission is far more acceptable and realistic. How often have we heard Picard say, "Assemble an Away Team Number One!" I would love to see my Orion Female Boff lead an espionage mission against the Syndicate, or my Vulcan Science Officer lead a delegation to Vulcan; or my Liberated Borg Engineer lead a mission to recover Rare or Very Rare Borg Salvage from damaged Tactical Cube; or my Breen Tactical Officer lead an assault against a True Way base . The Department Head System holds great promise. I see the Department Heads recommending specific BoFFs, themselves included, for each respective Special Operation. I would suggest that only Boffs with Lt, LtCmdr, or Cmdr rank be allowed to lead a Special Op or Elite Force mission. (Yes, I thought about the fact that these are essentially Elite Force missions). It seems like the Special Operations missions could be used to give Captains another means of acquiring Extra Super Very Rare, "They really don't not exist", "My eyes are glazing over," "I can't feel my fingers," "Was that my alarm clock?" Prototype Salvage, Tech, Consoles, Weapons, Doffs, Boffs, and other new and wonderful must-have Purple goodies.

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