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# 1 Galor setup help
04-10-2012, 07:40 AM
Hello everyone,

I recently was lucky and got a GalorCruiser from a box,
I just need some advice on how I should outload the shop.

I used to fly the excel refit c store ship and noticed this is alot more
zippy. I'm a tac captain.

So far this is the config I have.

Spiral disrupters x 3
Quantum xi epic Borg

Spiral disrupter x1
2 x disruptor array XI ( from past imperfection)
Photon torp.

Red matter cap
Scorpion fighters
anti matter spread
Shield battery

Borg console
AimIng to get 3 x coils mk xi ( have 2 so far)
Shield + 35%
+ 18 resist to all
32% turn rate.

My boff layout is roughly as follows
Eng - engineer team 1, engineer team 2, DEM 2, Aceton Beam 3, polarize hull (not 100% sure on that skill)
Sci - sci team 1
Tac - tac team 1, HY1, FAW2, APO, EPTW2

Basically I am wanting to squeeze the most out of this cruiser I can for STFs and dps
in general while still having some survival mechanisms.

Thanks again in advance

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