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Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
Tactical Captain (50) flying Research Science Vessel

Fore: Polaron DBB, BArray, PhoTorp
Aft: Polaron BArray, Turret, Hargh'peng Torp

Jem'Hadar set
Eng: 2 x Electroceramic hull plating
Sci: FlowCap, EmArray, 2 x Shield EA
Tac: 2 x Polaron Phase Mod, Warhead Yield Chamber

Sci4: HazEm1 / TSS2 / TR2 / ESiphon3
Sci3: SciTeam1 / TSS2 / FPulse2
Eng2: EngTeam1 / EPtS2
Tac2: B:F@W1 / T:HY2
Tac1: TacTeam1
Extra ship abilities: Antiproton sweep / Target Shields 1 / Target Aux 1

Any adjustments to consoles or BOFF slots? I haven't used the FPulse yet (may replace with Charged Particle Burst 2)

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