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# 1 Raising the bar
04-09-2012, 04:47 AM
So recently there's been an issue with premi's and what we apparently take away from the game.

Here's a quote from a recent thread.

"A day in the life of a premi...

today I was playing on my new cmdr engi in a tac ship. Was rolling peeps left and right by myself. Got some compliments on how the shields were just staying up. Took two people that showed interest in learning more about how to excel in pvp under my wing. Bought them gear, helped them with their buiilds (no rainbow beams... no!), and was invited into one of their fleets. The people in that fleet seemed new to the game but pretty much enjoyed it.

Now I'm helping them build up their characters, each person getting help with builds, where to get gear, how to earning moolah.

Now they aren't pvp leet persay (yet.. who knows what the future brings), but they're pugs who're learning to play.

Eventually I think they'll want to play with each other more often, like a cohesive team.

You can expect another premi to roll you once they hit va. That's how it's done.

So any other folks that are part of this 'premi strain'. Go ahead with that new character you're leveling, join it to some random fleet you've never heard of. Help them out, raise the bar, and roll some peeps... because the alternative is just stupid."

So at the moment I've got some awesome people from Marine Special Ops.
They're excited, they're intrigued, and they want to do better in all forms. That makes them awesome.
I'm not leet, im just a pug, who got better at the game.
Fellow premis and primettes, find those fleets and help them out. Let's raise the bar, pwn sum nubs.

EDIT: lol just thought this sounds like mercs for hire, training others. Go ahead and post that fleet's name that you're working with when you randomly happen into one
So save a pug, adopt a fleet today, so they dont turn into qq tomorrow!
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# 2
04-09-2012, 06:59 AM
Its a good thought. Its a fine idea. Tho, I'm personally slowly loosing interest in this game. But I will never refuse to help. Guiding 2-3 new players, is a serious job, which requires patience.
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# 3
04-09-2012, 07:45 AM
Ditto, but when they do well its great... i just got out-dps'd by my 3 hour old student <<.

"What do you mean redistribute shields?"

Good fun.
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# 4
04-10-2012, 11:21 AM
I think that is what we should all be doing. I mean to read some of the comments that are typed in ker'rat it is sad. I say help the person that does not get the game so they will stay and continue to play this game. In the end we are mostly all trek fans right?
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# 5
04-10-2012, 01:06 PM
Interesting idea. I've actually been focused on getting my fleet (12th Fleet) more involved in PvP. Sure we have a group of PvP-focused people, plus a team working to be competitive again (we used to be awesome in PvP, but that was too long ago). Got some RPers/PvEers into the queues last night, but we ended up against a 1AQ 4-man team. Didn't go so well...

Still, if we slowly pull one or two PvEers into PvP at a time, PvP might get more popular.

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