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I'd like to see some customization in crafting, with crafted modules adding the bonuses you want to appropriate items. The number of modules (mods) would coincide with the quality of the item being crafted. For example, a GREEN engine would allow 1 Mod of your choice (speed, turn, full), a BLUE would allow 2 Mods, and a PURPLE would allow 3. You could mix them however you want, such as a BLUE with [TURN]x2 or a PURPLE with [SPD]x2 [FULL]. Modules could be listed in a separate Tab or in the Schematics Tab. In order to craft a GREEN engine a Mod must be used, and to craft a Purple 3 Mods must be used. The only question might be whether or not to allow Mods in triplicate, such as a weapon with [DMG]x3. The Mods could be used in the exact same way as Schematics and Data Samples, pulled from your inventory, listed as required for the item being crafted, and i don't see why they couldn't stack. As it is, the variations of craftable items are relatively limited. This change would open up a new market of custom items and allow those who craft to truly make the items they want for themselves and their friends or customers.
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04-10-2012, 03:42 PM
The problem is that the market would be flooded with items with desirable traits. As much as I would like to see lower prices in the market I wouldn't want the prices to crater.

I think the best way to balance this custom weapons and armor making is to have the item bound to your character upon creation.
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04-10-2012, 04:16 PM
I like it. I would actually have a reason to craft again. I would also be fine with the exchang prices tanking. 125 million for a phaser turret accx3 is kind of rediculous. And yes that was the actual price I saw.

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