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I would really like for Startrekonline to create a Free-For-All Bat'leth room on Quonos or Grandala (?) station. It can be through a door that empathically states that people who enter this room are instantly targetable by other players irregardless of their player level. Also, this room should also not allow anything besides martial arts or bat'leths to be used in it.

Andoria, a planet that is still not accessible to Klingons, has a place where federation players can go to challenge each other one on one.

Please Devs.....Please create this room. Watching npcs fighting in an arena on the homeworld is very disapointing. I Love my bat'leth and I know that many other people would also want a room like the one that I described.

Please....NO PVP queue bat'leth arena. We need an actual place. Even if the devs put it on one of the many planets that are in Klingon held space.


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