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04-11-2012, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by MagnumStar
Roach you have every right to be p***ed off because every month you are paying a subscription fee for a service you are not fully receiving. That is no different than getting a cable tv package and paying for it every month and not receiving some of the channels you like to watch. And then when you ask the cable company why you aren't receiving those channels instead of a straight up truthful answer you're given excuses, finger pointing, and convoluted reasoning that states there isn't enough people in your area to warrant the cost of you receiving those channels. As my Grandma would say 'That's enough to make a preacher cuss!"
I'm ****ed at myself for buying into the idea that STO would be more than it is, for my fan attraction, as well as not being a complete game and ****ed at the excuses given to explain why they have "desire to do a lot" but no ability to follow through on old (since day one in the 2008 trade-show presentation) promises of what the game would be like to play and more recent (PWE is fully behind us) statements to the fact that things will get better.
We've been fed a crap sandwhich and are expected to say, "MMMM gimme more. I like it" instead of asking about the funny flavor and why its that way.
I spent my money a long time ago and my lifer sub has long since come around full circle.
My angst is why I'm expected to continue to buy thier product if they have only a desire to do better but not the capability?
What they made a game that allows you to level too fast and thats my fault they have to play catch-up for all the 1-day level cappers so they don't get bored and leave?
They publicly promised multifactional gameplay and ********** one faction in pandering to the other over revenue stream ecuses and thats my fault becuase I play Klingon why?
They offered excuses upon excuses on why STO is the way it is after two years and I'm suppossed to swallow it becuase its Star Trek and for all of teh fanbases talk of equality and acceptance its BS that anybody should expect more and not play the fed?
They can beat the cashcow all they want, I no longer believe they are shoveling anything but BS to justify thier paycheck and like a cheap hooker they follow who ever has the cash all while rationlizing it to themselves and us as, " I gots to baby, its my job."
I though the job of any developer was to create quality games and grow ones playerbase via good gameplay, not make excuses on why things are the way they are and how much "desire" one has to do better while slipping into the alley for a quickie payday.
Of course I'm being unreasonable, as the bus that rolled my Fandom for Star trek had air in the tires so it couldn't been that painful to get squished. Right?

Mainly I'm just ungappy a Developer whose games I've played in the past and enjoyed very much seems to ahve fallen from the greatness they once had into mediocrity.
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04-11-2012, 07:51 AM
I had heard a lot about how more brutal and ruthless the (admittedly small) storyline is and wanted to check it out. Plus Gorn bodyguards.

I was not disappointed.
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04-11-2012, 10:07 AM
I’m afraid that I don’t know the reason that I went over to the KDF.

I leveled my 1st Fed toon to max level a week after head start and decided to roll a KDF toon to learn how to Pvp.

The KDF player base was what kept me logging back in players that have long since stopped playing really helped me out and were determined to make me a better player.

I started flying the Vo’Quv out of respect for two players (I was told they were brothers) that were part of the House of Chang that only used the Vo’Quv.

It’s sad that I don’t even remember their names but they’ve been gone since just after 2.0 went live.

They taught me that a good team will always beat great players and I’ve never forgotten that.
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04-11-2012, 02:13 PM
there's something so refreshing about the way the KDF military is setup. Don't like your boss? Chalange him in hand to hand combat, should you win you can kill him and take his job. Should you lose, you die.

Forget all this buerecratic B.S. all you need is a good batlith at your side and it's not red tape you're cutting through, it's weaker opponents.

Then there's the ships, the combat style, the fact you can have an orion slave girl in her skivies as a toon or a boff, and what's not to love about the KDF?

Content? who needs content? there's plenty of feds lined up in PvP for the proviledge to be destroyed by you. Uncloak, raise hell, blow them up and then cloak again. It's a glorious thing.

I will say though I fly BoPs and now I can't seem to fly my Fed Crusiers when I swap back to my Fed toon. i had to buy a defaint just to be semi useful again. Once you go red, you're ruined for the blue team. lol
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04-11-2012, 03:03 PM
I went with the KDF to roll an Orion. As a race they seem more fleshed out.
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04-11-2012, 04:03 PM
The question should have been "Why would anyone want to play as Federatio?" Oh yeah, cause they are forced to do so..

KDF is far more fun than anything on the other side of the neutral zone. Most folks that I convince to try out a KDF character never go back to the Federation.
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04-12-2012, 02:01 AM
Buy' ngop!

I recently, (as of yesterday mind you), went from a roster of ten Fed captains, six of which were VA, to only three. I had only four KDF captains of which three were LtG. Now that I have recreated a majority of my Fed captains as KDF I now have nine.

I did this because I feel little is more uniquely human than rooting for an underdog. The KDF is that underdog here in STO. That is why I put my money where my mouth is. All the toys, all the gear, all the data samples and rare data samples, all the ECs, all the dilithium, even the Fed ships and DOFF packs, (two each), I bought for those now erased toons are gone to me. Nothing from those toons was transferred mailed or saved, (datamine that and see the truth of my conviction). That is how much I do not appreciate the implication that Alpha is to be the last KDF content so they can focus on what matters to their bottom line more, Feds.

Had you done it right from the start. Had you provided enough missions to level from 0 to 50. Had you preserved the novelty of the KDF faction. We would not be here with the Fed players picking the marrow from a sun bleached splintered bones of this... Faction. In fact I would be using the character slots I have reserved for Romulan toons.

Well I am fed up with Feds. A recent experience with a forum member here and their poor sportsmanship over getting a Fed carrier already had me not wanting to associate with the UFP. This, "KDF are only 18% and not fiscally feasible," was the nail in the coffin. The Tick, Ben Bova Iron, Plug Ugly Bastovich, Alaricht Percival Morgan, and Alish have all been recreated as KDF defectors. The DOFF packs and the ships they had will be, in time, reacquired.

Congratulations you got what you wanted Cryptic, more money, specifically from a now 80% KDF player, specifically for KDF toons. Given the scant KDF selection in the C-Store the teat will run dry quickly.

naDevvo' peghoS
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04-12-2012, 02:05 AM
My reason? of all the ships in sci-fi, there were only two ships i fell in love with. Bops from Star Trek and Whitestars from Babylon 5.

The Bop's look mean, and have the sweet sweet wing animation that goes down when you go on an attack run, those wings drop and your like "Oh yeah..its on Starfleet!"

As for Kilingons themselves, well they make more sense than Starfleet does. Starfleet reminds me more of the Borg than anything eles, they just use nicer words before gulping your planet into the federation.
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04-12-2012, 02:23 AM
orion slave girls
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04-12-2012, 03:39 AM
It fits my gameplay more. I like raiding stations instead of actually working for my stuff. Also like the above guy said, orion slave girls.

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