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***** Updated *****
17 April:
Link to my Nebula build:

***** Updated *****
16 April:
Switched out the Tetryon turrets and put in some MK XII Disruptor turrets that I had lying around (I have so many weapons it's getting quite stupid), DPS has gone up by nearly 10%, that's not counting other people in the group; but their DPS usually sucks anyway.

The 15 second uptime on the Disruptor proc is quite frankly OP as hell, I keep it up about 2/3s of the time (hence the 10% DPS increase); even though Tetryon has really good synergy with this build the proc just can't keep up; and it is useless on unshielded targets.

Switch to [Borg] MK XII for the Photons, this will net you about an extra 500,000 damage in an STF - 500 Photon launchers per STF - Inc HYT1 and HYT2 (as the bonus damage works on these torpedos as well)

In regards to skill build, I would suggest dropping 3 points from SPG and adding them to SGG, the loss of 'damage' from CPB will not make a difference, but the added slow effect from extra SGG is really noticable.

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******

As some of you know, I post like a maniac on these forums, offering advice where and when I can; and while I certainly can accept that some might find my advice so no advicey (got to add this to the Oxford Dictionary) I do what I can to help those who feel they need at least some guidance.

I figured it was time to post my build, some of you might like it, others not so much; don’t care, deal with it!

Intrepid – Retrofit.

Photon Torpedo Launcher MK XII [Acc]x2 [CrtD] for PvP or MK XII [Borg] for PvE
Photon Torpedo Launcher MK XII [Acc]x2 [CrtD] for PvP or MK XII [Borg] for PvE
Photon Torpedo Launcher MK XII [Acc]x2 [CrtD] for PvP or MK XII [Borg] for PvE

Disruptor Turret MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
Disruptor Turret MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]
Disruptor Turret MK XII [Acc]x2 [Dmg]

M.A.C.O Graviton Deflector Array MK XII
Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines
M.A.C.O Resilient Shield Array MK XII

Deuterium Surplus
Subspace Field Modulator
Large Auxiliary Battery

Eng: Ablative Generator
Eng: Neutronium Alloy MK XI (Purple)
Eng: Assimilated Module

Sci: Flow Capacitor MK XII (Purple)
Sci: Flow Capacitor MK XII (Purple)
Sci: Flow Capacitor MK XII (Purple)
Sci: Field Generator MK XI (Blue)

Tac: Photon Detonation Chamber MK XI (Purple)
Tac: Photon Detonation Chamber MK XI (Purple)

Power Levels:
48/25 Weapons
75/55 Shields
56/25 Engines
125/95 Auxiliary

Bridge Officers: (All Efficient)
Tac. Lt. – HYT1 / HYT2
Eng. Lt. – EPtS1 / EPtS2
Ens. Sci. – HE1
Lt. Cmd. Sci. – Tractor1 / ST2 / Tachyon3
Cmd. Sci. – Tractor1 / TSS2 / Tachyon3 / CPB3

Duty Officers:
Projectile Weapons Officer (Purple)
Projectile Weapons Officer (Purple)
Tractor Beam Specialist (Purple)
Development Lab Scientist (Purple)
Development Lab Scientist (Blue)

Skill Build:

A few figures for you:
Tachyon Beam Drains 529*4*10=21160
Tractor Beam Drains 187*4*10=7480
CBP Drains 3628*4=14512

With the rebalance to Field Generators and the fact they are not really worth stacking anymore, it is possible and very easy to drain a ship dry of shields in less than 5 seconds. Follow with some buffed THYs and target is dead.

Maximum possible drain per minute 69092, makes big PvE targets quite a breeze, managed to kill the Scmitter in KA on Elite yesterday before it was able to cloak.

ST2 with 2 Development Lab Scientists, heals for 763HPS, which is nearly twice that of TSS2 @ 125 Aux.

Standard fire, I can deploy 147 torpedoes in 300 seconds, the theoretical maximum is 150. (excluding torpedoes from HYT)

Hope some of you find this helpful.

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