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04-11-2012, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
Ya know.. I had to re-read that original thread 3 times before I finally understood what I was reading:

This is a complaint post about the change to the Ker'rat PVP Mission
...What they really did, when they made this change, was nerf the Farmability of Ker'rat. Do you realize, OP, that good farmers could complete Ker'rat in aprox 2-5 minutes?

Reducing the Farmability of Ker'rat reduced your fun because now there's less people there abusing the farmability of Ker'rat?

There's still Arenas. etc...

3 times? really? heh i hope that's not an indictment of the clarity of my post!

to answer your question (rhetorical as they may be)
Yes i do realize you could powerfarm ker'rat - i use to do it. I'd keep a list of all the instance #'s i'd been to with their approx reset time - I'd just add 4mins to whenever the victor was decided, then maybe another 45 secs for ppl to run and start getting nodes. and i'd switch around and collect a tick on my quest. It's very exhausting work but doable. I had my fun doing that when i was going for the dreadnought actually.

And i agree the farming did need to be addressed. The only real question is to what degree should it be reduced. and also to do so with Minimal impact to the hundreds of players who simply LOVED the war zone and did it for the pvp mainly, day in day out.

Sadly, what we got was a 'baby with the bathwater' approach. (they sorta just kept nerfing the dilithum over and over; first 30 mins, then a day, then the quest was MIA for a while (sometimes i still dont have it)

and as someone mentioned these farmers are now just clogging up the arenas disrupting the experience there as well.

It would of been simple (in my limited estimation) to just add a participant requirement to the daily i.e. you have to kill at least 1 or 3 borg ships and/ or attack and or kill an enemy player.

Obviously i'm just spit-balling here but my point is : implement something like that, that establishes the fact that, 'hey this guy is here, he's at the keyboard - he's participating.' If that's not enough, an hour or 2 hour CD on the quest turn in would of been fine if you wanted to leave it at 1440 dilithum.

*Personally i would of been a fan this:
complete the quest 3 times at a reward level of 900~ dilithum each time. then have a hour CD on the quest turn in. *

Or as another astute poster mentioned, we could of even reduced the reward.. Or we could of just left it with a 30/1hr/2Hr CD.

What's critical is to still keep it in line with other ways of getting dilithum as well. Arenas are the new dilithum farm now. I really hope they dont raze the fun there as well, in the name of curbing the farming.

There are more creative ways to do this and i know they can implement them if they are willing.

That's all i, and i think many of us want.

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