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Well it seems that Cryptic needs a few pointers in Basic Marketing.
I consider i have a litle experience in it as i have been in the bizz 20 years and to go along with that im a hobby gamer.
Lesson one. Listen to your customers. Supply what they demand.
From a bit of research, in this case just talking to Players, a couple of things came up time and time again.
1. Skill respecs. Skill Respecs are an important part of a gamers day to day game experience, changing skills (from updates, changes for balance or nerfs) and situations require them to have acces to them.
To most players the current 400C point price is well rediculous and few actually purchase them. Who is to blame them? 400 points even on dilithium exchange is what close to 100k dili? and Real money wise??
Most didnt mind actually paying for them but laughed at current price so..
How many would Buy Respecs at 100C points? i would guess LOTS and frequently. Result? more respecs used more C points tuning over a happier customer base. I see that as a win, Win situation.
2. Trait Respecs. Many players have Characters they created either early in games history or for lack of experience gave them unsuitable traits. Many have asked for this service and yet in over 2 years you have not provided it. Here is a viable Market for you and yet you fail to act on it why?
For now this is all you get free from me. I do suggest you get your Marketing people into the game and talk to their customer base, its basic Marketing...

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