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Hi guys I am new to STO and I just started out. Must say I am having a lot of fun and I am learning how to play.
I do have a ? for you throw. How dos one sell all the stuff you get and how do you use the Bank to store the stuff you find in the game.
I have look for the Manual for this game but I can not find one that tell you how to Sell your stuff or how to store it.

For give me if I am Spamming the Bord with something that probably been ask 100 time all ready.
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04-11-2012, 09:51 PM
This should probably be in the STO discussion forum instead, but ok.

Accessing the bank requires that you go to a bank console on a ground map. Any of the starbases, and also the Bajor map, will have bank consoles. Open your map and look around for them--they will be in the east room on Deep Space 9, and in the northwest quadrant of Earth Space Dock. You can access your personal bank (which is twice the size of your personal inventory), or if you belong to a fleet, you can access the communal Fleet bank (though most items stored in a Fleet bank are implied to be put there for sharing with the Fleet rather than remaining your own exclusive property).

The second way to access the bank is after completing the SS Azure rescue mission and choosing the private comm code as your reward. Once you have that, you can use it once per gameplay hour to summon the SS Azure II to your side, which allows you access to your bank, mail, and a merchant who will sell you some commodities for cheaper than your ship's replicator, and will buy stuff from you at 50% of its face value instead of the 40% that your replicator gives you.

Now, there are four ways of selling stuff in the game. You can right-click on any item in your inventory and recycle it into your ship's replicator for 40% of the listed Energy Credits. Second, when you are speaking to any merchant, there is a bar at the top of the window that has "buy" and "sell" tabs. Most non-Ferengi merchants will give you 50% of the listed price, while Ferengi will tend to give you less for most items. Third, you can trade directly with other players--this usually involves a bit of haggling over the price, since you're dealing with people there, but if the person is a friend or fleet-mate, you might want to deal with them instead of just selling it on the Exchange.

That brings us to the Exchange, which is the fourth method of selling items. White-quality items below mark X are pretty much common as dirt and should usually just be sold to merchants or your replicator for the small amount of Energy Credits that you will get. Other stuff (higher Mark or higher quality) will usually fetch more money when sold to other players on the Exchange--sometimes a LOT more for very rare stuff. Exchange consoles can usually be found near Bank consoles.

Finally, take note that all items of green or higher quality are Bind on Equip. This means that once you equip the item on your Captain, a Bridge Officer, or a ship in your possession, it becomes Bound to your current character and from that point forward can not be sold or traded to another player by any means. However, as long as you have not tried to equip it, it remains trade-able. A few items (especially special mission reward items and C-store items) are Bind on Pickup, which means that they become Bound to you the instant that you get them and can never be traded. Once an item is Bound, the only way to sell it is to sell it to an NPC merchant or to recycle it in your replicator.
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04-12-2012, 09:04 AM
Thank you for your help . It is nice to see this is a friendly forum . Well now to go sell some stuff

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