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04-12-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Pilus1
Question, have you done any tests with just one launcher? Most people use only 1, and so it is usefull to know what difference PWD will have on just 1, with 2 or 3.

Also, was this with using something like HY or spread? The best way to test would be with either one of those on a spacebar macro, so that it goes off every 15 seconds like clockwork. The reason is that these abilities fire more torpedoes, and so they give a greater chance to proc the officers ability. If you are going to have 2 or 3 launchers anyway, you will have one of these abilities in any case, so you need to see how those abilities multiple torpedoes proc the duty officers and if that results in needing less duty officers to get near to 150 torps.

What I would like to see is the above, with 1, 2, and 3 of each type of torp, and with at least 2 purple offiicers. Since that probably isn't convenient, I would like to see what it is like at 1 torpedo launcher with whatever officers are available, and with two multiple torpedo abilities off of a macro so that they help to proc the duty officers.

Alternatly, I wuld like to know how you got these numbers. Where did you find a target that would last 300 seconds? How did you time it for exactly 300 seconds? How did you count how many torpedoes were fired exactly? Were any torpedo abilities used (which should change how many torpedoes where fired and how fast)? What parser program was used (I know and have two) ad is there something in it that allowed you to count torpedoes and determine 300 seconds?

Really, I am mainly trying to see if going from 1 to 2 torpedo luanchers is worth giving up another weapon, and what effect 2 or 3 purple torpedo officers will have on that. The problem so far is a lack of a way to consistantly test it.

I am also wondering if your Intrepid build might work on a kar'Fi carrier (probably not enough science slots).
Bloddy hell thats allot of questions, I suppose I better start answering them

I have not done the tests with only 1 Launchers, I was going to do 1P and 1Q, with 2 and 3 Doffs respectivly, but something came up. I will run these tests for you as requested.

No torpedo abilities were used, just standard fire, set to auto cast. It would make no difference if the abilities used were macrod of not, as its a buff that acts on the next torpedo fired. As long as you constantly have it on cooldown it would not matter.

150 Is only the maximum because of the global cooldown on the launchers (2 sseconds), theoretically Transphasic Rapid Reload would be maxed at 300/300 because they only have 1 seconds global cooldown, I am farming these as we speak as I want to run the tests on these. Though this will not be as cut and dry because the dps on the RRTP is about 66% of a Photon and would need to use 2pc Breen set to up the damage by 30%.

My target was a very friendly Cruiser buddy in a 1v1 PvP match, this allowed me to basically just auto cast at theem and not have to worry about other abilities taking up the global and screwing with the numbers.

I used one of the parsers to calculate the number of launchers, this parser also tells me how long each of the conbat situations last, just a simple task of '/combatlog 0' when the timer reached the 300 seconds mark.

Unfortunatly I can't test with more than 1 Purple PWO, as I had 2 killed on me last night (Yes 2 purple ones died!!!!!), so it will be the same format at the above, 1B/1P and 2B/1P.

I think I have answered everything, if not, please let me know, you asked ALLOT of questions,

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