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# 1 Hex Satellite Models
04-12-2012, 03:53 PM
I noticed some things about the Hex Satellites

1. "Satellite - Hex Blinking 07" model is a copy of "Satellite - Hex Damaged 07" model without the 2 red fires in the middle. I'm hoping there's an undamaged Hex Blinking 07 floating around somewhere...

2. Another minor thing: The center section of "Satellite - Hex Blinking 08" does not rotate, but the "Satellite - Hex Damaged 08" does. Maybe "Blinking" has a stuck doohicky, and shooting it up actually repairs it

3. Although not a bug, the models for Hex Destroyed don't follow the pattern set by Hex Blinking and Damaged. (for example, the model for "Satellite - Hex Damaged 01" is based on "Satellite - Hex Blinking 02"

it might help authors who aren't paying close attention to make the "Hex Destroyed" models match the numbers of the "Hex Blinking" and "Hex Damaged" models:

(a) The model for "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 01" should be swapped with "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 02"

(b) Model "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 03" should be swapped with "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 04"

(c) Model "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 05" should be swapped with "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 06"

(d) Model "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 07" should be swapped with "Satellite - Hex Destroyed 08"

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