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STO Play by Post RP: The Gateway

Greetings I am Butters, your humble GM and on this the eve of this years Friday the 13th Horror Mystery RPG. As we begin I would like to inform you what to expect if you may not be familiar with play by post RP's. But let me first say that I am open to people of all levels of writing experience so long as you have that creative spark and ability to cooperate with your fellow players to win. Of course by win is a retaliative term. I'm the GM, and so you the players WILL win. The only question is how much fun we all can have in overcoming the tasks I set before you.

This is the Out Of Character (OOC) thread. This is the off topic for the RP where you can hash out the plan or just chat about how you feel about the story without cluttering the story. You will note that although the -sign up- period has passed there is still the possibility of maybe fitting in another player if you feel that you can find yourself a niche.

Again to the players just have fun and to the readers enjoy the show. *bows out of the spotlight as the curtain opens


Priority one message form Starfleet Command.

Admiral QuIn: I wish that it were under a better condition that I am contacting you. However Starfleet finds itself needing skilled officers to form a task force to investigate research facility*Harmony Station. It is operated by a conglomeration of corporations that pool there resources to advance technologies for the Federation. As well as serving as a major trade hub for the sector. At present there is a Starfleet sanctioned think-tank working on the Undine problem. Sorry that I can not go into further details but it is highly classified. 12 hours ago Harmony Station went dark and we have lost all contact with the scientist inside.*

Your current orders are to proceed to Harmony Station in the Risa Sector and reestablish, and if necessary regain control of the faculty.*

A detailed listing of the Stations layout and last know status will be messaged to you upon arrival. Admiral Quin out.


Image on File

Harmony Station Located In the Risa Sector is a privately owned research facility detected to advancing technologies of the federation, also given its location it serves as one of Risa Sectors trade hubs, there is usually a large influx of traffic coming in and out and the cargo and processing area while not as large and the research side of the station is still a major component of Harmony Station.

The station is two decks, the main floor has a outer ring for docking for loading and unloading cargo. there is a monorail system to move cargo too large to be conveniently moved via transporters. As you move inward the main deck is divided into a few key sections.

The biggest is what is known as the Commercial Sector. Many small business rent out offices and work out of there. It is a series of winding passages and rooms that without a good map can be easily lost in.

The next biggest section on the Main Deck would be the Cargo Bay. It is two story’s reaching into the second deck and is a hub of activity as many tons of trade goods are moved though it regularly.

Next is Engineering, Two story like the Cargo Bay. It is oversized for a station the scale of Harmony. This is to provide power to the experiments on the second floor as needed.

Next there are the Quarters, this is also where the main Turbolifts are to get to the Labs this wedge is where the residence reside. Currently there are 73 permanent residents on Harmony Station.

Finally there is OPS, in the center of the station they monitor the experiments and the bussel of the trade.

On the second floor there are a serious of labs.

For this game we will just worry about labe suite A

Lab Suite A is currently contracted to Project Arch. CLASSIFIED

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