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04-09-2012, 10:55 AM
Ok, near term wish list.......

Star date displayed more prominantly on the HUD (just an aesthetic thing for me)

The ability to buy single foundry slots for non subscribing players with c-points. (more foundry missions equals more variety and more reason for players to come back.)

Medium Term.

Start putting the very best foundry missions into the universe in a more concrete way. Perhaps a monthly competition for the best new foundry mission, the winners mission to be inserted into the regular game. Instead of getting the mission through the usual foundry menu, let it be selectable via the usual mission route.

Playable Romulans, maybe even a cross faction race.

Long Term

The ability to visit Utopia Planitia and modify your ships. Say you have a Luna class and would rather have an ensign science station rather than a tactical one. Go to UP, perhaps play a mini game that dictates the cost of such a design modification. As for the currency, C-points if we're talkiing a couple of hundred a pop, dilithium if its more. Shouldn't cost more than the original ship.
Wouldn't just apply to stations either. One might want to modify the console loadout, or sacrifice 1000 hull points for some more shields, turn speed, impulse speed, or crew strength. The exact formulae of what equals what can be worked out, but I hope you get the idea.

Finally, and i believe this one is in the pipe anyway, the ability for Fleets to create bases of some kind. One base per fleet and have them situated in the various nebula that adjoin most sectors. Heres the kicker though, put a cap on how many bases can be placed there. Say, five maximum. When you warp into, say Delta Pavonis, youd see the usual spread of anomolies to investigate. youd also see five portals to fleet bases (they are basically outposts in wild lands).

If your fleet wants to move in and all the slots are full, then a fleet vs fleet battle must take place. The outpost gets assaulted. Winner gets the slot. Fair rules would need to be in place for such actions, Id suggest that, in the interests of fair game balance, they be by appointment as it were. Perhaps outposts are only vulnerable to attack for 24 hours every fifth day. If an attack begins, the owning fleet has five minutes to get as many of its members to the outpost before hostilities begin.

Owning an outpost would give the members of that fleet some kind of bonus to CXP, say 20% to all exploration xp. More bonuses could be acrued by expending large amounts of resources to build modules like medical research bases, military training facilities or even trade hubs and recruiting offices.

Ah well, I am getting carried away now, but a Trill can dream.........
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# 2992 My 50 Cents
04-09-2012, 02:42 PM
-Bug fixes across the board.
-NPCs on the bridge should have customizable outfit.
-Rooms and bridges are often too huge.
-All new episodes should have a thorough voice over, otherwise it is hard to take the story seriously. The fanbase would be more than willing to help here, I guess (unless there is some kind of union that takes the fun out).
- Maybe it's because I'm a noob. But I am having a hard time finding players to join up teams for the special forces missions. Some automation is needed here. When I finally get into the mission with 5 players, we end up in different instances!!
- More responses from the Cryptic community managers in this forum .

-Remaster all existing episodes with thorough voice overs.
-Episodes should be cooperative, e.g. 2 players.
-More equipment slots on persons and ships. Currently there are only five personal gadget slots for the character. Apart from weapon and shields, we should also have tricorders, pads, etc.
-The crafting system fits nicely into the whole genre. But the items produced should be much much much more legendary. The current outcome is too ordinary apart from the Aegis set. It is not really worth the trouble. You should work for your dream collection and the reward should more awesome!
- New skills and maybe higher level cap.

- Include the bridge into the gameplay (at least the episodes). Many players have suggested that the space episode part should feel more like "Bridge Commander". We hardly ever see the bridge because it's basically irrelevant for gameplay. But the bridge is essential for true Star Trek feeling. Actually the other important rooms like engine room and sickbay should also be included in the episodes.
- The different races should have a much higher impact on skills and gameplay. Currently there is too little difference.
- Fluid world transition. I hate seeing a random load screen all the time. WoW does a much better job here. There should at least be some kind of transition when I beam out or when I take the turbo-lift. The beam out sequence when I leave the bridge is just ridiculous!! Space sector transition load screens also destroy the admosphere.
- Gamma and Delta Quadrant.
- Stronger changes on the world map. E.g. Federation losing ground on the Klingons.
- More interesting science dailys.
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04-10-2012, 04:11 AM
ship tier revamp/reorganization

split ship tier into:

external (skin/apperaince)

intenal (# of weapons, # of consoles, # of BOff slots)

simply have a "sciance skin (external), only "fit" on a Sciance internal, same with eng/tact, or carrier/flightdeck/raptor/raider/so on

note: all curently bought/purchased ships can still be credited, and current ships in store actualy grant the "external" AND the "internal" that is described

2nd note: any "only ship X can use, consoles, are simply only useable with that "external" (the external would be the ship's 3D modle in game, and I do understand that some abilitys like saucer/shevron seperations and multi-vectors would cause problems if equiped with the wrong external

posable solution to 2nd note: remove 3 console slots off all "internals" and add 3 console slots to all "Externals", end result same # of console slots, yet the "only on 1 "external" consoles can be a "can only use "external" slot

continued: and any "only useable on a certian "internal" (ship type IE: escort), would state "only useable in an Escort internal slot"

each "internal" would get 1 new slot, that slot is where you sellect the base "group of skins" you would use (a group in this meening is simply the "groups" already defined as a ship Class, all skins in that one perchase, can be chosen from if edited at a ship... tailor) (only skins you own can be used, , but shouldn't take up inventory space unless for every "ship slot" you had you also got a "ship skin group" slot) (for ease of players that don't care what their skin is vers internal, when a ship is bought and an internal/external credited, then the external would already be "equiped/selected" as defalt on the internal, untill it was changed

generaly only 1 goal, but would take up 3-9 so I'm leaveing it at that

edit for addition of small craft, and a posable issue with 3 slots on exteroir:

for small craft only 1 slot on exterior (engenering) all other slots remain as internal

this is due to onlt 1 console slot that is always on a small craft 1 engenering, there's 1 that only has that 1 slot, and there are small craft that even though they have 3 slots, have 2 of 1 or the other slots, and not 1 of each. (can be used in the future to limit small craft's use of "small craft only" consoles, or to limit how many non-small craft universals can be placed on a small craft, but currently woud have the same effect it always had, just oganized under the new ship tier layout)

*building a system that has the flexability to adgust for adaption, modification, makes any future additions/modifications easyer* the skin would no longer determine the primary stats, allowing the ships to have a tier appropriate for the layer's level "internal" but a "matching group" (sci/eng/tact/raider/raptor/carrier/flight deck) "external" of the player's choice .... *eyeroll* as long as they own both the internal, and the external.


edit to add (seeing as nobody else posted yet)

on Non-combat pets: these are just what everyone wants the ability to pay 240 C-Points for -1 invintory slot. *eyeroll* please, add a "pets" tab right beside "Inventory" and "assets" for every "pet" a player, earns/buys/obtains give it a +1 "inventory slot" in the "pets" tab (might even call it the Kennel tab)

for every 5 or 6 slots a player has in "kennel/pets tab, add 1 "pet only" slot to the char itself, and add a slot to "hanger tab" (also beside pets/invintory/assets) where only space based pets can be in "hanger" tab, but they count as if they was in normal inventory, if in "hanger" tab IE: they can be used will in that tab like normal (but can't be used while in Kennel"
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04-11-2012, 09:24 PM
Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda
- Maybe it's because I'm a noob. But I am having a hard time finding players to join up teams for the special forces missions.

-Episodes should be cooperative, e.g. 2 players.
See the problem? Imagine how frustrating it would be for someone who wants to play through an episode to not be able to find someone to do it with or to end up with a griefer.

Edit: Short-term, please fix the Mail system so it doesn't send attached duty officers into oblivion when one tries to retrieve them from expired sale messages.
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04-12-2012, 03:45 AM
Only one thing I would like - a T5 Nova class.

The Nova (refit at least) was indigenous to the time-period that STO is set in. My primary ship is a sci-Odyssey, but I still, occasionally, use my Nova Refit in PvE and, sometimes STF's, equiped with mkXI gear and the Aegis set, but get occasional moans and comments pertaining to 'griefing' for doing so, which is a pity as I love that little ship.

That's all I'd like - nothing more.
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# 2996 My 2 cents
04-12-2012, 04:04 AM
Short-term: Denobulan duty officers

Mid-term: Benzite bridge officers

Long-term: Ferasans (KDF) playable & as bridge officers

Reason for my request: I love species diversity.
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04-12-2012, 03:51 PM
Short: Fix the glitches where you fall through the floor in ground missions.

Mid: Horta duty/bridge officers.

Long: Add an option for us to be a bridge officer on another player's ship instead of only a captain like was originally planned.
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04-12-2012, 08:15 PM
Right now: fire all the developers, hire real developers.
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04-12-2012, 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by Megacharge View Post
Right now: fire all the developers, hire real developers.
I will second that!
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04-12-2012, 08:22 PM
1. game that work that works
3. did i mention a game that works.

cryptic your game is so full of bugs it has been unplayable and your customer service sucks. maybe you should learn to listen to people that use your products oh wait that would require you to do work which we all know you guys don't like to do

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