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Prior to the beginning of April, torpedo doffs would each individually:

-Grant a 20% chance to reduce all torpedo cooldowns by 2,3,4,5 sec (by rarity ascending)

These boffs stacked, and would individually proc, that is to say, if you had 3, 0.2^3 *100% = 8% of the time, you would reduce your torpedo cooldowns by up to 15 seconds (3 purples) every time you fired.

Since at least April 5th however, it seems that there were either inadvertent or unlisted changes to torpedo boffs.

Now the behavior seems to be ... erratic, and specific to certain torpedoes:

General behavior is as follows:
-Procs may no longer proc more than once per torpedo cooldown on Hargh'peng torpedoes specifically, other torpedoes seem unaffected.
-Multiple procs may no longer proc at the same time on any torpedo.

-Side note: Hard to say if abilities proc this anymore, they used to, but spread would not give 2-4x the chance to proc it.

The following doffs were used in these tests:
-2 Ten of Tens
-1 Hunter Ikrin

If this is a balance change, I can understand that, but I see no mention of this in the patch notes for the last month. Therefore I have to assume this is a bug until a dev appears and explains that it was intentional and simply unreported.

Frankly, it's frustrating to be running a torpedo build, and then without warning be stealth nerfed. Are we expected to be testing every component of our current build every week just in the event of an unlisted nerf? Am I suppose to be prepared to pay for a respec every week in case something like that happens? Seems unreasonable.

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