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I am trying to use some of my multimedia keyboard keys for ship controls

- the buttons are recognized and bind properly in game and work until I change instances.

- when I change instances in sector space or tactical view the binds for the multimedia keys unbind

- Ground multimedia keyboard binds seem to have no problem and stay bound

- if I use the console command and "bind_load_file" to load a keybind config each time I change instances, the keys work fine again until I change instances again.

- I have tried adding the buttons 0Xe6 , 0Xe9 , 0Xec , 0Xea to the Ui_settings.txt , same effect

keyboard key... keyboard function... game bind...
0Xe6... Favourite... map...
0Xe9... Back... slot 2 10...
0Xea... Forward... slot 3 10...
0Xec... Email... slot 1 10...

- All the other keyboard binds work fine and stay bound, only the media keys come unbound

I use these buttons because they are on my keyboard beside my gamepad. The gamepad is now mounted to the side of my keyboard , I recommend this setup , its great, if I can get the keybinds working. Here are some images of my setup.

help, help,

many thanks
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2 I figured out a work around
04-12-2012, 09:44 PM
problem solved, windows special keyboard keys can be remapped using this software and info

If I press my search, favourites, mail, and forward, back keys next to the controller I get these keys instead now

, . / ' ; \


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