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The fed designs are pretty meager at best.
At least the klinks has diff ones made by other species, the fed ships are like a saucer with 2 pylons.
Don't they have any other species in the federation who manufactures ships besides the humans?
What.. Like one Vulcan ship. I mean really.
It's like the feds they drive GM cars, and the rest of the world something else that we don't know about.
What I'm really saying is ,that as much as I like this game , it has no variety.
Feels like the ship designs has no vision of innovation.
And if we are talking about designs , why not put out a contest of some kind to the public where they can get involved in ship and console designs with the variety of features, that would give advantage to certain ships.
And while at it, how about designing consoles to the ships that are unique to certain types of ships.
As matter of fact they should do away with some of the consoles altogether, since some of them are broken and other ones are obsolete or utterly useless.

As I'm scouring through the forums ,I see a lot of complaints about these things.

Personally I don't mind to pay for something, that essentially unique and works as advertised.

Thank you for reading if you managed to make it this far


---I'm calling the community to ask the devs to allow them to part take in the innovation in a more active role.
This way ppl would be more inclined to get involved, so it could help the developers to decide what to implement and sort out the ideas what ppl would come up with.
And of course the devs still retain all the rights to the implemented design ideas and I'm sure most ppl would be happy to provide, given the fact ,that at least they would be given credit for the art.
I know they do that in some part , but it doesn't seem widespread enough.
As for the devs, they could use the the opening screen of the game for advertising to invite ppl for the sake of development.
In this age of gaming many companies have lost their ground by simply not listening to the masses.---
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04-12-2012, 01:26 PM
Write to CBS.
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04-12-2012, 10:54 PM
CBS has to approve all designs for the game as fitting in the Trek universe. There is a reason that all Starfleet designs have very similar features. Here, read this article for more info on why they look the way they do: http://www.ex-astris-scientia.org/articles/design.htm

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