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I just made it to Admiral Lower Half and heres what I have so far for my build off some info I received from the player builds section. Let me know what ya think I'm looking to STF and some PVP from time to time. I'm always open to info and advice so if you see anything that I should change let me know.

Upfront I have
3 Very Rare Mk X Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons ( I have a Phaser Quad Cannon [Dmg]x4 I might swap one in for one of the Dual heavy cannons)
1 Rare Mk X Quantum Torpedo

In the rear I have
1 very rare Mk X Phaser turret
1 rare Mkx phaser turret
1 rare mk VIII retorfit aft phaser beam bank ( just to see how it does I'm also going to try a quantum back there to if I don't like the retrofit phaser before settling on a 3rd turret )

Very Rare Positron Mk X [Cms] [SubD] [Ins]

Rare Combat Mk X [Aux] [Turn]

Rare Resilient Mk X [Cap]x2

Rare Mk X Ablative Armor
Rare Mk X Field Emitter

Rare Universal point defense system
Rare Mk X Shield Emitter Amp
Rare Mk X Emitter Array

Rare Mk X Prefire Chamber
Rare Mk X Warhead Yield Chamber
Very Rare Mk VII Zero point Quantum Chamber
Rare Mk VIII Phaser Relay

I Am also running these power settings

Weapons 90/70
Shields 86/70
Engines 48/25
Aux 47/35

I currently have 2 RCF 1's and a RCF 2, I'm thinking of swap out either one of the RCF 1's or the RCF 2 with something else but not sure what I should swap it out for.

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