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Yeah I just found out by losing 6mil EC into flat out nothing I guess...that you don't get to keep the over 10mil EC limit on characters used or created during the subscription period. I subscribed the first month right off the bat. even though it was free to play. (boy was that a poor decision).

I then cancelled it because, I was not satisfied with all the bugs and stuff that were in the game. And, still are...btw. Anway...

I cancelled it. I was told that I would keep the over the 10 Mil EC limit on at least the charactors that I used or created when I had it. That is misinformation.

I just found out by selling something for roughly 8mil, and had like 8.5 million already, it only gave me 1.5 mil and file 13'd the rest.

Well, yeah I'm upset.

Upset enough that, I'm here to make a post/thread about it.

Also, upset enough that I'm not going to play this game any more unless this gets fixed. I fully expect to have those 6mil EC restored to me and at least the over 10mil EC limit applied to at least my first character on my account...T'Krish ...my main., the one I was using when I had this Subscriped /Gold account for that month.

I'm not going to be logging on, or playing this game until that is fixed. If anyone of any clout reads this and decides to rectify this problem, you can email me.

You can look at the email on my account. I know you got it cause you just sent me a email for the big C-Store Sale you were having during Easter.

I'm not going to publicly post my email here for, not wanting to get spammed by other people that spam around on forums and stuff.

And, if you don't want to fix it, or can't fix it, well then ....

Peace out...have a nice game!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
04-14-2012, 11:00 AM
the 10billion limit is only avaible as long as you are a subscriber. when you cancel your subscription your going to be a silver member and they have to pay for the 10b Limit. it was never statet that you keep your limit so just thinking you would keep it doesnt make it happen.

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