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Hey all. I started playing STO a couple of months ago when it went free to play and have been playing a science captain. Problem is, I suck, and I'm looking at buying a respec token to sort myself out

Here is my build, running in a recon science vessel:

I took particle theorist and mind meld for my traits at the start.

I'm running 2 phaser cannons and photon torp's forward, with a beam, quantum torp and quantum mines rear. I've got the aegis set for deflector, engines and shields, and in consoles I've got 2 gravitron gen's, an emitter array and particle generator. In eng consoles I've got a RCS accelerator and neutronium armor, and for the weapon ones I've got 2 energy weapon consoles and a projectile one. I've got three parts of the borg set (all but the console) and 2 parts of the MACO veteran set.

Basically what I do with this ship is fly in hitting my opponents with a gravity well to start, then use my cannons, torps and mines to damage shields to soften them up for the next gravity well and photonic shockwave, with scramble sensors to cause a bit of havoc and the other abilities to keep myself and others alive. I was running with charged particle burst rather than the Gravity well I but I found it didn't do much half the time, and I was always needing the extra gravity well for holding bad guys up in STF's.

While I don't do terribly in the STF's and missions, I don't feel that I'm getting as much as I could be out of my ship in terms of DPS (but I'm not too worried about this as I'm not in an escort) or in terms or durabilty or controling the bad guys.

I guess I'm happy with my playstyle but am unsure on where to go with gear (I know I need the last borg console and some other shield one) and more importantly with my skills for my respec, and a bit of advice on BOFF powers. Please help me suck less!
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04-11-2012, 05:23 AM
Here is a setup that you can try.
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04-11-2012, 12:57 PM
A couple of changes to sci powers are currently on Tribble.

I'd wait with a complete overhaul/respecc until the changes make it to Holodeck.
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04-14-2012, 06:07 PM
Hey guys, thanks for the advice and the build there. A couple of questions though:

What sort of forward weapons should I go with? I'm currently running photon torpedos and two phaser cannons (due to the arc being ok and the dps as well) though I hear that for stf's the subsystem disable doesn't work properly on borg (they are immune?) - is that true? So I'm tossing up between Tetryon and antiproton, and am torn between these as well as the shield drain on the tetryon sounds cool but it won't do anything to the nanite things in STF's.

For rear weapons, I've got one phased polaron beam array, one tetryon turret and a tricobalt mine launcher. I'm thinking that I would be better off to get the same type of energy weapons all round (to get the specific weapon consoles), but I'm not sure about the projectile weapons, as I am having a good run with proton torps and the tricobalt.

With the build, would I be better off dropping three points from Starship aux preformance and putting them into weapon performance? It would give me more power overall, and I could just juggle my power settings to taste.

Also, is it possible to copy respec tokens over to tribble with your character? I recently bought one, but it didn;t copy over with my character.


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