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# 1 Menu Bug
04-15-2012, 09:30 AM
This had never happened until recently - and it really bugs me.

If iI open a menu, any store, or any mission menu, or talking to anyone, ya know those menus, the exchange, bank, etc.. While it is open, if I hit 'U" to bring up my ship/character/BOFF's it closes the menu, and I have to open it again. It is fine when the 'U' menu is opened first, so okay it is not some MAJOR bug, but it is really annoying.

And also this is a bug I have always had - haven't reported it yet:

When I'm in the menus, exchange, stores, crafting, etc, every once awhile every item when I hover over it will become one single items info in popup menu, and I have to close everything then reopen it all and it is fixed - not major. Also, sometimes every item in the list will become one item, so the list will be full of one item every item named the same, but they really are not, say if I buy one it will be what it was suppose to be - again not major, close everything reopen and it is fixed.

But the first thing I mentioned about opening the 'U' menu while in the exchange or store, or ANY menu that is open any dialogue menu --- that is REALLY annoying. Cause it'll close, then have to reopen, ad find the place where you where.

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